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Local Domain VS International Domain. Which one is better?


Starting an online business, website, or any other project you need to give it an identity. The identity is known as the domain name of your website. So, when you register for a domain name, the company registrar will ask you whether you want a local domain extension or an international one?

Local Domain VS International Domain

Local domain will include your .pk, .uk, .ca, .cn, etc. as domain extensions, while international domain names end with .com, .org, etc. So, while choosing a .pk domain name extension, always consider the objective of your business.

For example:

Local domain is footballcompany.uk

International domain is footballcompany.uk

Here we have shared the features, pros, and cons of the local and international domain names. This helps you in finding which one is better for your business.

Local Domain

Depending on the company requirements, the local domain such as domains pk is beneficial for SEO strategies. As if you are running a local online business, your target audience will be country-specific. So, the customers will prefer doing shopping with .uk, .cn, etc. domain names. Because local business provides cheap shipping charges, local currency payment, and language understanding is preferred by the customers.

Pros of international domain

  1. Local businesses should prefer local domain names as search engines prefer your website for local customers or viewers.
    2. A local domain name helps in targeting the local people of a specific region and community.
    3. It will be easy for you to deliver the products or provide the services.
    4. Local customers prefer to work with a local online business.

Cons of international domain

  1. It is not a good choice for the global community.
  2. Search engines will limit their search to a specific country or region.

International Domain

International domain names are good and attractive for search engines as it’s generic and trustworthy. Websites having generic or international domain names are easy to rank in search engines. It is good for those who target the global community. If your business provides services all over the world, then it’s good to prefer international domain names. Because local domains will limit your business to a specific region.

Pros of international domain

  1. Search engines trust international domain names.
    2. World wide traffic is attracted to the domain.
    3. The brands get more specified.

Cons of international domain

  1. With the international domain, it’s difficult to specify the website for a specific region or country.
    2. Some international domains have a conflict with Google such as .biz.

Which domain is better for the company?

Domain name extension must be chosen according to the objectives and services of the company. If your company can supply products to other countries then the international domain name is fine. But if your services are limited to the country then don’t try to target the global traffic as it will be tough, irrelevant and as a problem for the management department of your company. Hence, keep the objective and vision of your business in mind and register the domain name accordingly.

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