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How On-Demand Apps Can Help Industries to Thrive in 2020


Think of CAOCAO, Uber, and TaskRabbit. These on-demand apps have made their respective companies popular across the world. Every industry can leverage the benefits of on-demand apps to expand the reach and draw the attention of many people. Be it a hospitality, healthcare, or services sector, on-demand delivery app development enables companies to write their success stories.

How On-Demand Apps Can Help Industries to Thrive in 2020

Today, more people tend to buy products or book various services by using their fingertips, and customized on-demand apps can help them accomplish their tasks. It’s 2020 and entrepreneurs tend to jump on the on-demand app development bandwagon to boost ROI and improve their customer services. Let’s go through the key benefits of on-demand apps for modern industries. But, before that have a look at the major beneficiaries of on-demand apps.

Which Industries can get Benefits of On-demand Apps?

Home Services

Many people want to book various home services like plumbing, gardening, carpentry, and household chores by using their smartphones. Online grocery booking, coaching, and home decor services are also included in on-demand home services.


The mobile app development company can help restaurants and hotels by developing food delivery and table booking apps. The hospitality sector is thriving and the on-demand apps can enable app users to order their favourite item for home delivery.


Online appointment booking and the doorstep delivery of medicines are possible through on-demand healthcare apps. These apps can help healthcare professionals implement advanced concepts and improve patient care services.

Media and Entertainment

It is possible to book tickets for various shows and events using on-demand apps. Such apps can certainly expand the reach of media houses and increase revenue. Push notification features of the on-demand app can send personalized messages about events and live streaming.

Real Estate

The real estate sector is booming and the on-demand apps can address many of the challenges of this sector. A survey has revealed that 50% of buyers tend to find the desired property online. The on-demand app can help realtors target these buyers.

Courier, transportation, and logistics sectors can also get the benefits of on-demand delivery app development. Here are the key benefits of on-demand apps for industries.

Top On-demand App Factors that make Industries Thrive in 2020


As per the Statista survey, the number of smartphone users is expected to increase by 4.68 billion by 2020. The on-demand apps can give the benefit of mobility to industries irrespective of their business models and size. Companies can establish seamless connectivity and provide 24/7 assistance to end-users. Employees can also avail of the advantage of enhanced mobility through an on-demand app.

Employee Satisfaction

The mobile app development company focuses on end-users and employees. It is possible to achieve a high ROI and more productivity with the help of on-demand apps. Your employees will also find the app useful as it can help them simplify processes. A customized on-demand app also increases the efficiency of employees while improving their satisfaction level.

More Scalability

On-demand apps offer high security and scalability. If you want to provide your company with a secure way to share confidential data, then on-demand apps can be the right choice. What’s more, higher security and scalability can also make your company trustworthy. Simply put, the on-demand apps can offer more scalability to the industry and make it more reliable so that more people can put trust in the respective brands of the industry.

Grab Opportunities

If any company wants to survive and thrive amid growing competition, it has to grab business opportunities while overcoming challenges. The on-demand delivery app enables various companies to grab many business opportunities. The reason is- every on-demand app can be integrated with the business system to fetch and share valuable data of the users. Such apps can provide actionable insights and the company’s management can make real-time decisions to expand the business or improve services.

Cost-effective Approach

The company can spread awareness about its activities and promotional offers through an on-demand app. Also, it is possible to engage existing customers through personalized notifications. Companies can hire app developers to build an on-demand app with necessary features in a cost-effective way. The on-demand app also enables companies to generate a high ROI in a short time.

Concluding Remarks

On-demand delivery applications are designed to offer effective services to consumers on a 24/7 basis. Such apps can act as a bridge between the industry and end-users or customers. Apart from expanding the reach, on-demand apps can help industries provide secure payment options and enhanced convenience to customers. All these factors can lead industries to success while staying ahead of the curve. In the coming time, many companies will integrate on-demand apps in their business system.

The mobile app development company can resolve various issues of industries through a seamlessly-performing on-demand app. In today’s challenging and competitive scenario, the companies need on-demand apps with desired features.

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