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Here are Some of the English Vocabulary Building Tips


A strong vocabulary helps to define thoughts descriptively. Therefore, tutors always encourage new English language learners to increase their vocabulary every day. The words help in sentence formation and crisp communication.

Here are Some of the English Vocabulary Building Tips

Moreover, using the correct words for written or verbal communication helps to avoid misunderstandings or misinterpretations. Unfortunately, retaining a massive vocabulary can become challenging; however, a few tips can prove helpful.

5 Tips to Build a Vocabulary

● Read More

Reading is one of the simplest methods a person can pursue to build a strong vocabulary. The activity forces you to learn new words deliberately. The authors use precise words to make the story or explanation illustrative even without images.

You would need to refer to a source like the internet or Oxford dictionary to understand the sentence. Hence, you keep learning new words without putting in any additional effort. Moreover, challenging and broader works on newspapers, magazines, and journals would build a more extensive vocabulary.

● Play Word Games

Children and adults can enjoy playing word games like Scrabble, Crossword puzzle, and Boggle to build a vocabulary. Moreover, Scrabble encourages you to create a solid vocabulary to win against an opponent by scoring higher through longer words or filling the gaps.

You should take notes of unknown words used by the challenger and check the meanings through an online dictionary or thesaurus. Then, after finishing the game, use the newly learned word to form sentences usable in everyday life.

● Communicate in English

Many English speakers encourage learners to speak in the language to improve communication skills. But, by and large, communication in English also helps to build a vocabulary without much effort.

Whenever you talk with a person, new words might come up. At this point, you can ask the meanings directly from them or research. Therefore, you can build a strong vocabulary by communicating with someone proficient in English.

● Build a Routine

Although a schedule is emphasized by all teachers living in India or abroad, abiding by it is a challenging task. However, building a routine to learn new words and meanings can prove beneficial, and learners should think about the benefits before becoming discouraged.

A one-hour routine is suited for most new learners; however, advanced English students should spend at least three to four hours on vocabulary. By doing so, they would become self-confident and build a strong vocabulary. Moreover, they can relate to new words in the market much faster than English beginners.

● Use Variable Sources

Even though books, journals, magazines, and newspapers are the best academic sources, the current generation has many other options. These include learning through audiobooks or listening to songs.

Many experienced English teachers provide online vocabulary lessons that can help prepare for competitive government and language exams. The trainer also helps build a routine by offering test submissions and results at the end of the live session.

Additionally, it would be best to prepare for a competitive exam to build a strong vocabulary and even attempt the exam to know the results.

One must enroll for best online spoken english classes in India to get top class vocabulary classes.

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