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Essential Steps of Auto Body Collision Repair


Bad experiences happen in life all the time and when an accident happens with an automobile, there is a lot to be mended and you need to engage with the experts to completely revamp the car. It can be any kind of vehicle from a motorbike to a customized monster truck. The aim is to bring back the beauty and glory of that automobile by eradicating all the damages and repainting. Selection of professional team that can help you deal with this crisis in the best possible way can be done with the feedback offered by people you trust. Find the best collision repair services in Daly City CA so that you can make the car look like a shiny new one.

Essential Steps of Auto Body Collision Repair


These are some of the major steps that enable us to observe the repairing process with better understanding:

1. Assess the damages

A proper inspection is done so that a complete evaluation of the damage is derived. The reason is to identify the areas which need repairs and to conclude the expenses that will be required. This can help the clients claim their insurance from relevant companies.

2. Remove the smashed sections and treat dents

All the parts that have been destroyed in the mishap are removed so that the automotive collision repairs can begin. In the next step of preparation, the dents are smoothed out and the surface is sanded to have an immaculate and even surface. The pro at body collision workshops have tools and hands-on experience to fix the issue. Once the denting is done, you will be amazed to see your vehicle in its best shape.

3. Painting

The automobile will need a fresh coat of paint and you have to think: “let’s find an auto body paint shop near me” to return to its original state. A usual process of painting the vehicles is mentioned here and the experts tend to make variations according to the requirement of a scenario. Let’s have a look at the following sequence of auto body painting:

• The suitable type of paint is purchased which is consistent with the unaffected areas of a vehicle. The exact color is acquired in order to deliver perfection.

• The sections of a vehicle which do not need a repaint will be hidden properly.

• In order to achieve a perfect finish, the experts apply several coats of primer.

• After that, the surface is sanded again and wiped with a cloth soaked in thinner to have a flawless base for using paints.

• Same as the primer use, pains are also applied in several coats and if there is some uneven surface, it can be sanded off and the applied again.

• After the paint is completed, it is buffed and then a coat of lacquer is used to give it a perfect look and preserve the paint. The layers of lacquer are added according to requirement and 2-3 coatings is a usual number.

• The final buffing is still required so that a maximum amount of glam and shine can be brought out and the vehicle looks like a completely new model.

If you think that the people you hired for the job are missing some imperfections in the paint of a car, then this was the wrong company to choose and pay the auto body painting cost.

4. Assembling the parts

When the paint is finished and every minute defect has been perfected, some of the parts have to go back in their position. The flawless completion of this task depends upon the way technicians reassemble the automobile. The best you can do is to look for an industry expert. The major reason is that they know how to fix the defected part as nothing has ever happened.

5. Reviewing the repairs

Before handing over the vehicle its owner, the experts will make sure that all the repairs are perfect and there is no sign indicating that this car was damaged ever. In addition, they will offer to support in other matters such as the tips to keep it clean and how to polish the surfaces from inside and outside.

The best and easiest approach is to get the services of professionals and you will find them near you easily.

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