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Do You Want Your Bluetooth Headset Battery to Last Longer?


One of the things that represents a serious safety risk is talking on the phone while driving. Luckily, the Bluetooth headsets have taken care of this. We can talk without disruption and there are no wires and cables to worry about.

Having that in mind we have to take care of the Bluetooth headset’s battery life and to learn how to charge it properly to get the most out of it. It will help you make sure to get the one that guarantees hours and hours of use where you won’t have to worry whether it will shut down in the middle of your conversation.

Do You Want Your Bluetooth Headset Battery to Last Longer

How to properly charge your Bluetooth headset?

The first step is to choose an adequate charger. Your Bluetooth headset already comes with its own charger. If you don’t have that one, you will have to check whether its interface is Mini USB or a small round hole, and you will have to take care of the output power as well. It has to be the same as in the original charger.

The next thing to pay attention to is to insert the whole plug in, not just half of it. Plugging in just half of it may cause some serious damage.

In case you are using a dock to charge your Bluetooth headset we have to inform you that it will take longer to charge it completely. It is the same like charging earbuds directly.

When you connect the charger, you will see a red light on the headset. When the charging completes the light will turn into blue. This indicates that the headset is completely charged and that it’s the right time to remove the charger.

How long will it last to charge your Bluetooth headset?

The Bluetooth headset is not completely charger when you buy it. However, it’s important to charge the headset the first 3 times for about 6-8 hours. This is necessary to properly activate the battery. You will notice the red light while you are charging your Bluetooth headset. When the charging completes the light will wither turn off or t will change the color from red to green or blue depending on the model.

Most of the time we charge our headset when we are not using it, without paying attention whether it really needs to be charged or not. If you want to make sure that your Bluetooth headset’s battery will last as long as possible, it is important to take care of it and charge it only when the battery is almost empty.

How long can I use my Bluetooth headset?

Well, generally speaking the normal lifespan of a Bluetooth headset is directly connected to the lifespan of its battery. You can recharge the battery for up to 500 times. According to this you can expect your battery, and also your Bluetooth headset, to last for approximately two years. Depending on the usage of the Bluetooth headset the battery can last around 8-10 hours if you use it to make phone calls, if you are listening to music you can expect 6-8hours, and if you don’t use it, the battery will last for 2-4 weeks.

What’s the ideal charging time?

It normally takes 3 hours for a single ear Bluetooth headset to fully charge. We can say that this is the ideal charging time. When you connect your headset to the charger pay attention not to leave it longer than 4 hours. If you aren’t sure whether your headset is charging too long, just pay attention to the indicator light.

As the number of charging cycles increases the battery loses its power. Its performance will be worse as time goes on. This is the reason why you should buy good quality Bluetooth headsets. Low quality Bluetooth headsets come with a poor batter which can be charged around 100 times.

Custom Shaped batteries for your Bluetooth headset

In most cases the shape of the battery is rectangular and their capacity is somewhere between 200 and 500mAh. Most headphones use oval or round batteries but there are also custom shaped batteries designed to fit perfectly into the free space inside the headset. At the same time, they are designed for maximum performance and capacity. With such high-quality batteries, you will only have to pay attention to the overall design of the Bluetooth headphones you are planning to buy.

Taking proper care of your battery will reward you with longer battery life and better performance. You have to admit there is nothing worse than being aware your battery will be completely empty soon and you have no way to recharge the headset soon. This is the main reason why you should take into consideration headsets with long battery life.

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