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Considerable Features and Services of Avast Antivirus You Should Know


Avast is a famous cybersecurity industry which provides various security tools and services for businesses as well as for home use. Along with advanced premium plans, Avast antivirus also provides freeware for PCs and smartphones. You can easily find a good Avast antivirus for your device according to your budget and device specifications. This antivirus provides reliable tools for network security.

Considerable Features and Services of Avast Antivirus You Should Know

Good Options and Budget Friendly

Avast antivirus offers you various antivirus plans. The antivirus plans vary according to your device specifications and requirements. In case you don’t use the internet and want basic security tools then you can install the freeware of Avast. But if you use the internet on your device or you have crucial data on it then you must install a premium Avast plan which can provide a network as well as data security tools. Before purchasing the antivirus, you must check the device specifications. Purchase the Avast plan which is compatible with your device. The prices of Avast antivirus are also very reasonable. You can find a good antivirus plan with a better number of features at your budget.

Free Trial for Premium Plans

Avast antivirus also provides free trials on its premium plans. Sometimes users can’t decide which Avast plan to purchase. To resolve your query, Avast antivirus gives you a free trial so you can use every premium tool to decide which plan to go for. You can go for an Avast trial plan and use it for 30 days (or 60 days according to the plan). If you like the plan then you can buy it after completing the free trial. In case you don’t want to purchase it then you can cancel the subscription or you wait till the trial period expires. Once the trial period of Avast antivirus expires, your plan will automatically switch to the basic. After cancelling one Avast plan, you can easily try another Avast plan.

How to cancel Avast cleanup 60 day trial?

  • Open a web browser and navigate to Avast website
  • Log in to your Avast account
  • Click on the Subscriptions tab
  • Click on the Avast plan and choose Unsubscribe button
  • Now follow the on-screen commands to complete the Avast plan cancellation.

Advanced malware detection and removal rate

Avast has a good malware detection and removal rate. The malware scanner is also available in its freeware. Avast antivirus can protect your data from all types of threats like spyware, viruses, Trojan Horses, adware, worms, etc. Avast offers you real-time scan which ensures that no malware can enter your device. Whenever you open any file, Avast scans it immediately and loads on when the file is secure. It also scans all the removable devices before loading it to prevent any kind of malware infection.

Network Protection

Avast antivirus provides a firewall in its premium plans. The firewall is like a protection umbrella on your network. When the data packet arrives on your network; firewall checks every packet. If any data packet looks suspicious, the firewall blocks it from entering the network. This advanced firewall also monitors outgoing traffic to prevent data theft.

Secure browsing

Avast antivirus provides secure browsing tools to prevent hacking threats. Whenever you surf the internet, Avast antivirus checks every page you open. When you search on the browser, Avast immediately scans the result pages and tells you which pages are secure to use and which pages can be harmful.

Password Manager

The password manager of Avast antivirus is used for saving all your account passwords secretly. People often forget the passwords but using a password manager keeps the password safe and makes them easy access. You can also use this password manager for creating strong and unique passwords.

After creating the passwords, you need to save them on the password manager and then you can easily access all your passwords and account details with a master key. A password manager allows you to access your passwords anywhere and you can autofill the account details with Avast password manager.

Parental Control

This is one of the most crucial tools of Avast antivirus. You need good internet protection for the kids. Kids know how to access the internet but can’t judge between the good and bad stuff on the internet. Parental Control feature allows the user to keep an eye on the kid’s device. You can check internet history remotely and restrict all the appropriate sites. Parental Control features help to keep your children secure on the internet from hacking and other inappropriate sites.

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Multi-license feature

Avast provides a multi-license feature to you which means you can use a single Avast plan on your multiple devices. If you want to install Avast on your PC, laptop, and phone then instead of purchasing different Avast plans, you can go for Avast multi-license. Along with these features, Avast antivirus offers you various other top features and services.

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