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Common Questions About Odorous House Ants


Ants are considered a social insect that enters your house without you noticing it. You would see them around yourself every day and they would not frighten you which promotes a sense that these pests are harmless. However, ant infestation could lead to a lot of problems and you would eventually end up calling ant extermination experts to get rid of the problem. Till now there are hundreds of ant species known to mankind some of them are very dangerous while others do not cause any harm. Odorous house ant is one of the most common ant species found inside a Canadian home.

Common Questions About Odorous House Ants

Odorous House Ant:

This a species of ant which is very common in the household of Canada, America, and even in Mexico. The odorous house ant’s large appetite for the sweets attracts them towards houses. However, they could feed on other human food items as well. This particular species of the ants is very small in size and they normally measure between 1/16 to 1/ 8 inch in length. They do not have any specific presence while choosing the site to nest. You could find their colonies outside the houses or they could nest inside the house, under the sinks and dishwashers. The reason behind their name of odorous house ants is that they emit a rotten coconut smell. Some common questions related to odorous ants are listed below. I think reading them would provide you a better understanding of them.

Why They Are Inside Your House?

The biggest attraction these ants have towards your house is sugar. They have an addiction to sugar-based food items and are always on the quest for it. They can get the sugar outdoor form the flower nectars and honeydew of aphids. However, studies have shown that sugar-based food items are their first preference. So, every food item or the crumbs you drop on the floor of your kitchen is like an invitation for them.

How Dangerous Are They?

Listening about pest infestation does make you a bit nervous and you begin to wonder how dangerous they could be. Well, the good news is that these ants are not that dangerous. They do not carry any disease with them and they cannot sting. Therefore, your family is safe from them and they would not face any health hazard due to these ants. However, these ants nesting inside your house could cause a lot of damage to your house or belongings.

Could I Handle Them Yourself?

I do not know a single person who does not want to save money and they always have a “do it myself” approach towards every household problem. You need to understand that this might seem like a safe option right now but it would be more expensive in the long run. The pesticides you could find in a retail store can pose a threat to you and your family. Handling such harmful chemicals is not easy you have to very careful with them. Calling the experts to do the job for you is the right way forward. They have all the safety equipment and training to perform these procedures.

How Safe Is the Treatment?

If you do the process yourself, I suppose you are exposing yourself to the danger. However, if you an expert is handling everything then there is nothing to worry about. Normal insecticides you see at a retail store might not be suitable to use around children or pets. However, a professional always use the right products which are EPA approved and follow strict guidelines with their usage.

Future Prevention:

It doesn’t matter whether you get rid of the ants yourself or hire an expert. There is always a possibility that these odorous ants would return to your household. Therefore, some important ways to prevent them from entering your house are listed below:

  • Seal all the possible entry points for these ants. These ants could enter your house through the creeks and cracks of the windows and doors. They could climb up trees, shrubs, and your house foundation in the quest for food.
  • You need to trim all the tree branches closer to your house so that the ants do not enter your home through them.
  • You might need to put silicon between the gaps and creeks of the windows to prevent their entrance.
  • Keep your kitchen clean and do not leave any chores on the ground which could act as a food source for them.
  • Utility pipes of the house are a possible entry point for these ants. So, seal the entrance of these lines and pipes.
  • Do not leave the trash inside the house for more than one day and always keep it covered.
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