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Buying a Family Car? You Need to Know 6 Things Before That


It will not be an easy and biased discussion because let’s be frank; we all know buying a car, especially for the family, is quite stressful.

So, how to avoid this feeling?

No particular mantra, but just be prepared, and everything will go smooth and more comfortable.

According to a research report compiled by Auto Traders,

“Most car buyers are undecided at the start of the shopping process. When they first begin to shop, 6 out of 10 from them are open to considering multiple vehicle options”.

So, these particular statistics show how people visit car sellers, unprepared, and misguided.

Buying a family car
Source: https://www.driveroo.com/dealers-insights/the-not-so-modern-day-car-buying-process/

Not only this but before buying a car for the family, it’s a MUST to jot down your family preferences and what your family expects from the car.

This checklist will help you in considering the most important features you need. And it will also make your people satisfied.

Let’s do it. Have a look!

1. Is the seating capacity enough for your family?

Are you expecting your first child?

Do you have guests from family every week for an outing?

Don’t worry! It means you need to upgrade to a bigger and spacious car now from this mini one.

First thing first, take a proper evaluation of how much seating space you will need in your car.

Remember, it is for your personal needs and when you would have guests much often.

seating space

If you are planning to get married, then consider this how your family life might change in the years until you buy your next car.

Having a baby to pick and drop school, old parents on a visit, etc. with you on a long drive is a blessing. Count on all these everlasting moments!!!

If you are low on budget, go for a compact car option. These are standard, known as small family cars.

2. A Factor not to be Compromised Ever – Safety, Safety, & Safety

When I had to sell my car online a long time back, I was only hesitated due to this factor.

Making the correct choice isn’t easy in this niche; it’s a big responsibility. No one wants to compromise on their family’s safety.

Check each car’s safety features in-depth. Don’t forget to observe the crash-test ratings, airbag numbers, standard and optional active and passive safety features, and other specific locations.
According to a data survey from Statist’s Global Consumer Survey,

“Priority-wise Safety is the top-most feature that buyers consider before buying a new car.”

3. Check how big the Storage space is

Every family needs a good variety of compartment space for storing miscellaneous items.

It is one of the most negligible factors while buying a car, but carries much importance.

It helps in keeping the car clutter-free, especially if you have kids.

Don’t forget their potential to make the biggest messes in your car when there are demands for drinks and snacks. And how can you forget the crayon and marker graffiti!

Storage space

That’s why it is good to have a Leather-made storage space that is tempting and easy to clean at the same time.

Functional storage space comes with smart choices like activity trays, cup holders, in-door bottle holders, tissue/ shopper holders, which allow kids to be independent. It helps in keeping the parent’s focus on one thing while driving.

Not only it should be spacious but needs to be big enough to fit the stuff you regularly carry comfortably.

People with newborns should make sure that the stroller fits in the cargo area and can be lifted in and out quickly.

4. Look for the car having a user-friendly controlling system

It is the most important. Nobody should get more distracted in the car; it should be your top-most priority.

Car is not only for daily commute but to make life easier on you, not harder.

Go for simple controls with buttons or touch-screens that are easy to see and navigate.

Omit those advanced features like Android Auto and Apple Car Play, Knobs for audio and climate systems, etc. All these are good enough and creating value, but prioritize yourself what you expect from your car.

To get updated about the latest user-friendly options introduced in cars, don’t forget to do your search homework.

Trust me, you will get amazed at how smart and user-friendly cars have become.

5. Getting in and out should be comfortable

Do you commute with your elderly parents or small kids? Then keep on reading.

Look for a low step-in height car with a good grab handle by the window or above it.

If you are planning to install a child safety seat, see if your car allows having enough space after it or not.

Observe that the car seat fit well in the backseat or not, plus the Latch anchors should easily be accessible.

Have a trial with your kids or parents before making the final decision.

See, can your kids move in and out easily from their child-safety seats without bonking their heads. Are seat belts easier to buckle or make yourself tighter?

All these considerations will you in the long run.

6. Don’t forget the Extras

Evaluate and analyze all the extras that would be appreciated by everyone in your family. Then decide accordingly, where you should invest.

For example, I prefer to have keyless entry and start. Similarly, anyone in a cold climate will love to have heated seats, remote start, heated steering wheel, etc.

So, preferences matter. For this matter, you may have advice from the experts in the field, too, i.e., car dealership providers.
According to AutoTrader,

“54% of consumers would buy from a dealership that offers their preferred experience, even if it didn’t have the lowest price”.

Final Words

After analyzing and jotting down all the points mentioned above, try to compare at least two or three car brands. Trust me; you won’t regret it!

Many brands are offering more value for your money than others do, so it is a good idea to do your research and make lists of the various prices, features, etc.

It will help you in making the best decision for your family.

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