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Aspen Condo Rentals: Choosing the Best for Your Next Vacation


A highly coveted holiday spot in any part of the year, people long to holiday in Aspen, Colorado. Over the years, the Aspen Colorado real estate market has risen to be among the nation’s most expensive.

One of the world’s top destinations for Nature and mountain lovers, Aspen is highly visited throughout the year. Its outstanding beauty and wonderful landscapes make it everyone’s choice of a holiday destination, so it helps if you plan your holiday well in advance in a systematic manner. This will help you get the accommodation you want at reasonable rates.

Aspen Condo Rentals - Choosing the Best for Your Next Vacation

Start Early to Save Time and Money

Though Aspen’s beauty is different in each season and well worth a visit, yet most people love to be here during the winter. Depending on the time of year that you want a vacation here, the price of Aspen rental homes will differ.

Types of Accommodation in Aspen

• Renting a Condo

Aspen presents a variety of accommodation so you can choose according to your budget. The choice ranges from one- to four-bedroom condos. Depending on whether you’re holidaying alone or with your family, you can rent one of these Aspen condo rentals.

• Apartments or Houses

There are houses too and luxury houses which are a great idea if your budget permits it. The houses or apartments come with a couple of bedrooms, a bathroom, and a kitchen where you can cook if you wish.

• Inns or Hotels

If you are going to be in Aspen just for a weekend, get online and search for a small hotel or inn that would suit your time and budget. Usually, the hotels and inns are centrally located, so you will not be far away from anywhere you want to be.

• Farmhouses

Another option here is to stay in a farmhouse. This gives you a sense of the place and you get to interact with the local people and be close to the environment. People love the quaintness of such a holiday, so dates usually get full up on farmhouses fast. So, book well in advance.

• Private Homes

These homes provide all the amenities that you would find in the three- to five-bedroom condos. You have fully equipped kitchens, cozy bedrooms, and open floor plans. They are usually centrally located but do not always have the breathtaking views of the mountain. If you’re looking for comfort at a great price, you’re sure to love this.

• Luxury Houses

It’s not uncommon for luxury houses in Aspen to have up to five bedrooms with 4.5 baths offering you luxury at your fingertips. These houses are usually centrally located and are within walking distance to the heart of town. They are blessed with a good view of the mountains and are tastefully appointed.

They are equipped with sophisticated appliances, furniture, cabinetry, and masonry. They also have dedicated space such as a media room, theater, den, or game room. Each of these rooms affords a fantastic view of Aspen Mountain.

How to Find the Perfect Condo Rental in Aspen

If you’re on the lookout for a good Aspen Colorado rental for your next vacation, decide how you’re going to spend the time on your holiday. Find things you’d like to see and do. Once you figure this out, you can choose an appropriate accommodation near where you’re likely to be most. This will bring down your travel costs immensely.

If you go online and search for options for a rental, the rental sites will work to restrict your search depending on the options you choose. Once you zero in on a suitable property that meets all your expectations, compare it with others that you’re going to live in on the rest of your trip.

Perhaps, while in Aspen, you plan not to drive or using an automobile. In that case, choose a property that’s near the closest bus route so that you can quickly and easily get around. You’ll be happy to know that if you get onto a bus in the City of Aspen and travel to Snowmass Village, many of the routes run free. Factoring in transportation costs into your budget will make your trip happy and enjoyable.

If you look within the greater Aspen area, you’ll find several hundreds of condo rentals to choose from. Once you pare them down considering their amenities like location and proximity to restaurants, etc, you’ll have more to choose from.

Why Stay in a Condo Rental in Aspen?

There are many weighty reasons for staying in a condo rental in Aspen Colorado rather than anywhere else. Here they are for you:

• Superb Location

You can get to stay at a central location in downtown Aspen. This will give you a close shot at strolling down to the Aspen Mountain gondola while passing through scenic locales. You can dine at specialty restaurants and perhaps even spot a celebrity or two.

• Larger Condos

If you want to spread yourself out thin, you need more room than a regular hotel room. The condos at Aspen give you that extra space that you always wanted. And if that’s not enough, each rental is uniquely and tastefully designed so that your whole family can have a good time.

• Affordable and Efficient

A condo is always the most economical form of holiday accommodation. You can get well-appointed studio apartments or large and lavish six-bedroom houses and a lot in between.

• Five-Star Amenities

Aspen rentals are as well-appointed as hotel rooms in terms of amenities. So, be prepared to enjoy amenities such as concierge services, airport transportation, housekeeping, front desk check-in, free Wi-Fi, and much more.


If you would like to enjoy your next holiday at one of the condos or homes at Aspen, Colorado, check out a good selection of the accommodation available here. You might find it time-consuming but it’s well worth the effort.

You can also get in touch with travel agents in Aspen who could recommend the best accommodation for you.

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