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Advantages of Crown and Bridge Treatment


Dental crowns and Dental Bridges are prosthetic devices which cover the aesthetic aspects and also focus on the functionality. They are cemented on the existing tooth or dental implant and are not easily removable.

Advantages of Crown and Bridge Treatment

Where the crown is used to cover the damaged or infected tooth or an implant, Dental Bridges prove to be helpful if you have missing teeth. Both works on the principle of dental restoration. They are highly effective for teeth which are damaged and the teeth which are missing.

Working of a Dental Crown

Any damaged or infected tooth can be given strength with the help of a Dental Crown. Besides this, the dental crown also improves appearance and alignment. Not only this, the dental crowns are placed on the top of an implant to help the tooth to function in the same way as a natural tooth.

The advancement in the dental industry has developed the crowns made of porcelain and ceramic which match the color of the natural teeth. The porcelain crowns are the best and the most viable option as apart from improving the aesthetic appearance of the tooth, they have high strength which can withstand the chewing forces.

Working of a Dental Bridge

These are used when a person has one or more missing teeth. The spaces between the teeth not only damages the look but also cause nutrition deficiency. The dental bridges are cemented to the area which has missing teeth. The abutments in the bridge support or acts as the anchor to the bridge. The top point of the abutment have crowns placed which as discussed above can be opted from various alternatives available.

The dental bridge takes a few days as a process to be completed. The reason is that the dentist will first send this to the lab for preparation. Once prepared they will then be brought in for the fit.

Both crowns and bridges can last for a longer period of time and have proven to be a good option for a damaged or missing tooth.
In addition to this, the crowns and bridges come with a lot of advantages.

Advantages of Dental Crown

Restoration of tooth structure

The tooth that is damaged or infected or the tooth on which root canal was performed can surely be restored with the help of Dental Crown. This is probably the best solution to the damaged tooth. the dental crown gives the strength and support to the tooth to perform various tasks and functionalities.

Aesthetic advantage

If we were to have this discussion around 3 decades ago, then we would have not considered this as an advantage. This is because the crown which was made earlier was metallic in nature and as a result were clearly visible thus, hampering the appearance. The crowns today are made of porcelain and ceramic which match the natural color of your teeth thus, giving you natural look.

Durable alternative

The dental crowns have the structural strength that is required to withstand all the chewing forces. There are a lot of options available for the dental crowns and amongst those, the ones which stay in for the longest are the porcelain crowns. But in general, also the dental crowns last for a very long time as they are made up of stronger quality and materials.

Advantages of Dental Bridges

Functional Restoration

Because it is placed on the missing tooth, therefore, all the issues regarding the missing teeth can be resolved with the help of a dental bridge. The issues include difficulty in chewing and biting, speech problem, etc.

Distribution of Force

The dental bridge is evenly spread to the teeth area thus equally distributing the chewing forces and making the process of chewing a smoother and simpler one.

Resolves Aesthetic Concerns

Just as it takes care of the functionality part, similarly it takes into consideration the aesthetic part. The dental bridge will improve your smile making it appealing. With a dental bridge, you can smile confidently.

Durable alternative

Just as the tooth crowns stay on for a longer duration, so does the dental bridges. They are even better than the removable denture as it is cemented on the tooth thus, increasing the longevity of the tooth. As far as the tooth bridge cost is concerned, it varies from case to case and from type to type.


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