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5 Unique Ways to Educate Your Kids About the Environment


More than ever it is important to teach your children about the environment. And you have some pretty cool ways to do this. Take a look at these five unique ways to educate your kids about the environment.

5 Unique Ways to Educate Your Kids About the Environment

1. Look at Geographic Models

Innovative technologies have made geographic models more interactive and more informative. You should seek out opportunities for your kids to get up close with them. You can find them at community outreach events and museums. They are even being used in classrooms, so see if this option exists for those who teach your children.

Among the types of geographic models that can be very helpful in teaching kids about the environment are river models. Your children can learn about flooding, the movement of sediment, and other environmental topics.

2. Consider Gardening

When you teach you kids about gardening, you can help ensure they understand how the environment works. They can see firsthand how too much heat or too much water can kill something, and your children will be able to relate those observations with how harsh weather can hurt, and unfortunately, kill people, too. Gardening also helps you educate your kids about things like weather, harmful chemicals, insect and rodent issues, and other environmental topics.

You do not have to create fruit and veggie gardens to do this. Having your children help with lawn, plant, tree, and weed maintenance gives you this teaching opportunity, too. And if you do not have a yard, then you can visit community gardens and farms. You also can walk them through the garden section at some of your local retailers.

3. Mix in Shopping at Used Stores

When you try to make use of used items, you not only educate your kids about the impact of manufacturing on the environment. You also teach them about waste. Most communities have one or more used stores, and you find used retailers online, too. You should try to mix in shopping at used stores to teach your children.

Ideas for you to consider are adding a used dinner table to your kitchen nook or an antique coffee table to your living room. You can find used washbasins that could be the perfect look for sinks. You all could look for funky, vintage accessories to place in their bedrooms. And you can always locate really cool used toys. Some of those used items could actually be worth a good bit of money for you.

4. Make Things at Home

You also can make things at home to teach your kids about the environment. Again, you get to explain the environmental impact of buying manufactured goods. You get to educate your children about natural resources used in products and the impact on the environment that the production of those products influences.

If you are looking for projects to explain these environmental impacts, you have some great options. You could build an entertainment center from used wood. Or, you could teach your kids how to sew and make blankets and even clothes. Your ideas really are limitless. Consider today some fun projects you could take on to make things on your own and educate your kids about the environment.

5. Use a Rain Catcher

Have you ever thought about using a rain catcher? You could make one on your own, have one built, or find one already made. And you also can get assistance with installing and servicing them.

When you use a rain catcher, you can find several uses for it. You do not just have to use it for your lawn care. You actually can use them to supply your entire home with the water it needs. And did you know businesses and even the government can use them? An understanding of water management and conservation is among the important environmental lessons your kids should learn.

Do not delay educating your kids about the environment. Not only can you ensure your kids know the ins and out of the environment, but you also can ensure they will be stewards of the planet well into adulthood. And with the environment at risk more than ever, you and your family can say you’re doing your part to help it.

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