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4 Reasons Why eBooks are Better than Regular Books


There are many lovers of books across the world, and some cannot go for a day without reading a paragraph or two of various books. That’s why books have been in existence for many ages.
Today, life has changed, and much as some people still use traditional books, many have transitioned to the digital era, thanks to technology. While it may not be possible that regular books will be off the shelves anytime soon, eBooks offer more benefits.

4 Reasons Why eBooks are Better than Regular Books

With the availability of smartphones, you can now have hundreds of books in your phone storage. Below are the advantages of eBooks over regular books.

1. eBooks are Portable

Most regular books are heavy, and carrying them around would be difficult, especially when you want to keep up with the next chapter during the day. That’s not the case with eBooks. Once you download your eBook in your device, you can carry it along to any place without feeling tired. You can have as many as possible all in one place and can have access from anywhere, be it in a public vehicle, a plane, or a train.

Once you finish reading one during your trip, you don’t have to go back to the carrier bag to pick a new one. You only need to scroll through the phone to the next available eBook as long as you have cloud services. Also, when in a group of people, you can keep your privacy while reading your eBook because the phone will not be visible to other people, unlike a regular book. It, therefore, keeps your information secure, and you can enjoy reading it at ease.

2. Easy to Search

With the volumes of print books, you’ll take a lot of time searching through what you want to read, especially when it is large. With an eBook, it’s easier to navigate to any page using an epub viewer within seconds and get what you want.

Also, there could be thousands of regular books on the shelves, and searching for a particular one can take you hours. Even if the books are arranged alphabetically, you’ll need to go searching one per time. Sometimes, rearranging them as you try to navigate, looking at the index, hoping to find it. It’s a tedious process that requires much time, and you may spend the better part of the day searching for the book.

Sometime, you may not find what you want, and you might forget the book content in the middle of the search. However, that’s different when searching for an eBook, no matter how many you have in your device. You can quickly search through thousands of books using the book content and land on the relevant eBook within a few seconds. You can also search the entire eBook library at your convenience, unlike the printed books.

3. They Last Longer

Using the regular books, you’ve to keep on flipping over to the next page as you read. It makes the book get old within a short period. Once it fades off or gets harmed or destroyed, it becomes irrelevant since you won’t be able to access the details. But, that’s not the case with eBooks.

You can stay with an eBook for many years without fading or losing any information. Also, you may not find a quick replacement once you need a regular book, and the shipping process would take longer. But with the eBook, you can have it back at any time, even if you misplace your device. You only have a few minutes to search it online and have it back on your phone.

So, you can go for many years with the eBook, reading through and digesting the information at any time. Losing a regular book means that you can’t have a second or third time reading it, and you may lose relevant information that would have been helpful in the future.

4. eBooks are Sharable

There could be thousands of regular books on the shelves, but you may not be able to share with others who may be miles away, and you may not also enjoy the benefit of getting unique printed books from your friends. The only option you would have is to ship the books, and this would take a lot of time and money.

The advantage of eBooks is that you can quickly share with others at the touch of a button. You can also get unique ones from your friends within a few minutes. Additionally, sharing an eBook doesn’t reveal your or private information, unlike when sending print where you have to give your account credentials.


As people read eBooks every day, life gets better with easy access to the great content on devices. Technology has been a major factor that has contributed to modern bookshelves. With innovations every day, many people will find even better ways of reading eBooks from anywhere around the world.


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