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Why Your Construction Business Needs Fleet Tracking


Building managers have several duties that include not only caring about their team’s well-being but also the success of their ventures. This also involves following work site requirements, checking that equipment is being used properly and ensuring that costs are kept low. Managers can’t forget how IoT and telematics tools can help them stay productive, with so much to consider. Specifically how tracking solutions for off-road fleets might help them stay on track.

Why Your Construction Business Needs Fleet Tracking

Strengthen security

Off-road vehicle monitoring helps site operators to control their equipment better by ensuring that the equipment’s location is still identified. This helps reduce the costs incurred when equipment is stolen or misplaced at work sites. Because certain pieces cost thousands of dollars to rent, or hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy, managers also need to know where those investments are.

Increasing Visibility

Off-road fleet tracking does exactly what it sounds like it does, completes tracking off-road. Although knowing the continuous location of equipment or tools with GPS has its own benefits, it also allows site managers to monitor their efforts. This is because the trackers and sensors used in off-road fleet tracking systems are able to monitor when unnecessary downtime or other inefficiencies are costing business.

Sometimes, after a major project is finished, some machinery will only be used for a limited period of time, but will stay unnecessarily on-site for days or even weeks. It is troubling if the equipment takes up precious space, is a loan, or could be used more efficiently at another venue. By monitoring costly use of resources, administrators can make informed financial decisions about the resources and its programs. This also goes a step further as monitoring off-road fleets will ensure much of the work is done with the fewest resources available. That idling equipment is kept to a minimum and the proper equipment is used to efficiently complete the work.

More educated decision taking

Tracking off-road vehicles also permits streamlining of processes. This refers to the mass amount of data that can be obtained from the IoT devices. Everything can be evaluated from the venue, to the hourly usage, or fuel efficiency. This can then be turned into real benefits for businesses because improved record-keeping is possible, warning systems can be configured, and more informed decision-making can take place. Ultimately allowing for proper preventive maintenance and increased engine warning monitoring.

In your market, use of off-road fleet tracking

Although discussing the advantages of monitoring off-road fleets, it is important to stress that just getting a telematics system won’t guarantee performance. Rather, it’s important to realize that you don’t only need to use the right solution but use it to its fullest potential. One way to do that is to use a reliable and robust solution like the KENT CamEye. Because it is built to last in harsh conditions and is trusted to accurately track your assets, it is something construction teams can’t overlook. If you would like to learn more about how KENT CamEye could support your construction operations, please contact us today!

With its Dashboard camera cum GPS tracker for vehicles product, the Kent CamEye, Kent RO enters the automotive safety room. The CamEye features a dual-camera system recording what happens inside and outside the vehicle. The dashcam uses 4G access to provide live video from both cameras, along with the car’s real-time GPS location, which also enables the car’s route to be played on the screen.

Both of these features are accessible via an app available on both Android and iOS devices. The cloud feature, which is a subscription-based service, securely stores up to 90 days of captured footage, travel routes, etc., according to Kent, and can be accessed by the user through the application.

KENT CamEye also uses Artificial Intelligence to identify suspicious automotive activities. It has facial recognition capabilities which can alert the user if the car is driven by an unknown person. It can also detect whether the driver sleeps in the car with the AC on, or whether somebody tries to block the camera.

The device itself comes with an internal 3000mAh battery and 8 GB of built-in memory. This allows it to run for a limited duration, even if unplugged, and to store some amount of data locally. Also, the system comes with its own set of sensors including GPS, temperature, accelerometer and light.

All this means that there is no need to connect the CamEye to the OBD port of the vehicle, or hardwire it to the power supply; it also means it is compatible with all vehicle make and models.

The Kent CamEye is priced at Rs 17,999 and comes with a three-month free subscription launch offer for the cloud apps, after which the user is expected to pay a monthly / annual fee to continue using the app features. The cost of subscription ranges from Rs 450-600 a month or Rs 4,500-6,000. per year. It can be bought directly from Kent, or it can also be purchased online through Amazon.in.

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