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Why You Need Commercial Solar Cleaning


Installing solar panels in houses or offices is a step to be environmentally concerned about saving electrical energy. Nowadays many people are installing them also to reduce energy costs. Not only houses or offices but solar panels are largely installed, covering huge areas in many projects. However, setting the panels doesn’t mean they will serve the same throughout the years. They need to be cleaned regularly.

Why You Need Commercial Solar Cleaning

Also, installing a solar panel is a lot of your money investment. You probably have set them above on your rooftop to get solar power and to pay the much lesser electric bill. But, if you don’t remain the top of the panels cleaned, they will not properly catch the solar power, and your investment would have no more use. So, you can hire commercial solar cleaning services for that purpose. That is why learning them regularly is important.

The technique of commercial solar cleaning:

Solar panels get dirty due to their exposure to polluted air. Dust and other components of air and bird excrete make the panels dirty after a long time. So, they need to be cleaned regularly. Commercial solar cleaning can be done effectively with the right kind of technique and with the right kind of materials. Professional cleaners apply the following technique to clean solar panels.

1. Wet the panels with a water hose: The best way to start commercial solar cleaning is to make them wet with a water hose. After a long time, birds’ excretes and other dirt get stuck on the panels and become hard to remove. After applying water 2 to 3 times, they get softened; thus, the panels become easy for further steps. A good thing about using a water hose is you don’t have to climb up on the roof and apply the water from ground level.

2. Apply isopropyl alcohol: Using normal soap or dishwasher can harm panels. They can scratch the surface, becoming more prone to getting dirty. So, the professionals use isopropyl alcohol instead.

3. Clean with soft brushes or scourers: After applying water and isopropyl alcohol, the stubborn dirt becomes soft now, and soft brushes can easily remove it. Using any hard brush can scratch the surface. Here only the professionals use brushes or scourers specially made to clean the solar panels.

4. Wipe with a squeegee: Now, the excess water must be wiped out from the surface of the solar panels. If water droplets stay there, they can create streaks, removing them as soon as possible.

Importance of regular commercial solar cleaning:

• Increases work efficiency: The PV cells of the solar panel absorb sunlight and transform it into electrical charges. So normally, the more sunlight it can absorb, the more electricity it can generate. When the panel’s surface is covered with dirt, its work efficiency is reduced, and it can’t absorb much sunlight and produce less electric energy.

• Lasts long: Any product needs to be maintained properly if you want it to last long. Regular pouring of the tiny dust grains and particles on the panel can damage the surface, reducing its durability.

• Improves the look of the property: When you keep everything in your house or property clean, the whole property looks good and appealing to the visitor.

• Get the best return on the investment: You might have invested a lot of your hard-earned money in installing solar panels to pay the less electric bill. But, if the efficiency of the product decreases due to lack of maintenance, you will not have the advantage of gelling less energy bills, and at the same time, the panels will be damaged. That is why regular cleaning is important.

• Rain water is not enough for cleaning: There are solar panels with a self-cleaning mechanism when it is raining. But, the rest of the panels are not like that. So, you need clean it by hiring professional solar panel cleaners.

• Helps get the advantage of warranty: In most cases, the product warranty depends on the regular cleaning mechanism. You get the advantages under the warranty rules when you maintain the deal.


The above-mentioned points describe why you should regularly clean your solar panel. So, be sure you maintain it and hire a professional for commercial solar cleaning.

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