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Why Swimming Pool Water Turns Green After Swimming?


Swimming is no more a class oriented thing where we can see actresses like Milana Vayntrub swim suit costume. Nowadays women from common society are also adopting to swimming costumes. We can see the rising demand of these swimsuit in the market in latest couple of decades. But have you ever paid attention to why the pool water turns green after swimming. We can see many pools contains green water. It is very important to know before swimming. You must figure out the benefits of harms of swimming in green pool. So here is a complete analysis and research on why water of swimming pool turns green after use. You can understand the every fact behind the phenomenon of turning water green. This is very crucial to keep complete information about the condition of water before swimming in it always.

Why Swimming Pool Water Turns Green After Swimming

Is it true that Swimming pool water turns green after swimming?

This is a fact that is encountered by many people who often go for swimming. Most of the time when we get into the pool water seems light blue. But few hours later swimming we can see water turning green in the pool. This pace is rapid in summers as compared to winters. So yes we can say that it is very common to notice that swimming pool water turns green after swimming in it. Most of the people find this phenomenon very amazing for them to know why it happens.

What are the reasons for turning the pool water green?

The major and primary reason why pool water turn green is imbalance in the level of Chlorine in water. Chlorine ensure that there is no algae growth in the pool but when we take bath in the pool it reduces the chlorine level. As a result of which Algae grow in few hours which turns the pool water green. It is not the water that is green in actual but algae that makes it look green. Since algae is green this is the main reason why we find water turning green in swimming pool after swimming.

How to protect pool water from getting green?

If you do not like green pool water it is very crucial to keep the contents of chlorine optimum and balanced. If any fluctuation in the chlorine happens beyond required level just try to optimize it by adding some more chlorine. This is the best way you can look your pool fresh and not green in water. A green pool gives a feel that you have not changed the water of the pool for a long while which results in this algae growth. So this is the best way you can get rid of algae growth in your pool to turn its water green after swimming in it.

Why green water is not good in swimming pool?

Green water symbolize the algae growth in water which grows usually when the water is not changed for a long while. At the same time it also shows the low contents of chlorine in water which is required to check the growth of germs in water and harmful microorganisms as well. So when you swim in such water which is prone to of affected by microorganisms that are harmful it attack on your health as well. So make sure to optimize the level of chlorine in your swimming pool to reduce the chances of getting it turn green. Many people have professional equipment to know this nowadays.


So these are the reasons why swimming pool water turns green after we swim. To cap it all it is the algae growth that results in turning the water green in swimming pool. Majority of the people keep every care of their pool to not get such results. Swimming in green water which is full of algae is not appropriate. So make it sure that you are changing the pool water regularly to avoid any algae growth in it and at the same time optimize the chlorine level of water also. This way you can keep the water of the pool intact to its original colour even after you swim in it.

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