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Why Immunization Schedule is Very Important


The immunization schedule is very important. In the United States, children are supposed to receive a series of vaccines at specific times in their lives. If they do not, they may be vulnerable to serious diseases such as measles and polio. The sooner you start your child’s vaccination schedule, the better off he will be during his lifetime. The following article discusses why it is so important that children get vaccinated on time and what happens if a child misses a vaccine or two.

Why Immunization Schedule is Very Important

It talks about how parents can help ensure that their kids stay on track with their vaccination schedules. This article will prove just how important it is for all children to have an up-to-date vaccination schedule so they don’t become sick from any preventable disease. Let’s understand why the immunization schedule is very important.

Staying on schedule protects your child

The schedule for childhood vaccination is set up so that children are protected against diseases early in life. The idea behind this is that young bodies develop immunity much quicker than older bodies can because they have not yet been exposed to any outside pathogens. So by getting them vaccinated when they are younger, you reduce the risk of them catching a disease later in life. This is the big picture of why it’s important to get kids vaccinated on time: by starting them early and finishing the series, you protect them and keep them healthy for their entire lives. The best way to accomplish this goal is through an immunization schedule. If your child misses a shot, he/she becomes vulnerable to disease, then there’s an increased chance that he or she may contract a deadly disease. This is why child vaccinations are important and parents should never miss the schedule for your child. If your child misses any of his vaccines, then he becomes vulnerable to diseases that the inoculation was supposed to protect him against.

Staying on schedule protects others

Aside from protecting your child, vaccination is also important because it protects others. People who are vaccinated can’t catch the disease that others around them are getting, even if they’re sick themselves. This is called herd immunity and it’s very important to maintain a healthy society where no one gets sick unnecessarily. Herd immunity works when people vaccinate because the vaccine creates antibodies that protect against illness. When everyone around you is vaccinated, there’s little chance of catching the disease through air because it’s not being transmitted easily between people. Herd immunity protects children who can’t get vaccines for medical reasons (such as an immune deficiency), which is one example of how staying on schedule is important for others’ sake.

Staying on schedule can be a requirement

In some cases, you may need to stay on schedule for medical reasons. If your child has a disease or condition that requires treatment through medication, then he/she may be required by a physician to get vaccines in specific timings to receive the best cure. An example of this is children with a compromised immune system who can’t be vaccinated. They need to rely on herd immunity, so you must get your kids vaccinated because this builds a healthier society and helps them too. If your child misses a vaccine or two when they’re younger, then doctors may be able to catch up by giving an older vaccine when the child is older. However, there are some vaccines that your child won’t be able to get at a certain age. So, even if you miss one or two, it’s not the end of the world and other vaccines will catch up during childhood.

Creating rapid impact

An effective way of stopping the spread of disease is to vaccinate everyone at once. This creates what is called a “herd effect” where everyone is vaccinated so there’s no spread of the disease. When you vaccinate your child, he/she doesn’t just protect him/herself but others around them because they’re not sick and passing it on. This is why vaccine schedules are so important: by starting them at the right time, you’re protecting your child & can have an immediate impact on other children around him/her by reducing the spread of disease.

If your child is behind on his immunization schedule, it is important to get him caught up at the soonest possible time. If you are unsure about when he/she should have received a vaccine or if he/she has not received it at all, talk with your doctor about getting an appointment for shots on an emergency basis. Most insurance companies will pay for these visits, so do not worry about the cost.


An immunization schedule is very important for your child’s health. If he or she misses a vaccine, they may contract a disease that could have been prevented and keep other children around them from getting sick because of herd immunity. When you vaccinate your child on time, you’re creating a healthy society where no one gets sick unnecessarily and protecting your child and others around them.

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