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What Type Of Massage is Right For You?


Massage is the process of rubbing the body for healing purposes. There are various types of massage which are classified based on approach, area, or purpose. Massage therapy in Calgary is often used to treat painful and tight muscles, increase sports performance, and for general relaxation. A trained professional who gives massage is called the massage therapist. If you are looking for a massage near you in Calgary, read this article as it will help to choose the ideal type of massage for you.

What Type Of Massage is Right For You

Types of massage:

A massage therapist applies soft to firm pressure to engage the skin, fascia, and muscle underneath his/her hand. Athletes require a special type of sports massage to reduce tension in their highly-trained muscles. Novice people may require a much gentle type of massage for general relaxation. Patients with muscle knots and fibromyalgia may require a special type of therapeutic or deep tissue massage to get rid of these painful nodules. So, it is essential to know different types of massage in Calgary and which type works well for you.

1. Deep tissue massage:

Deep tissue massage requires specialized training and experience. It is ideal for those who have muscle trigger points (muscle knots), chronic muscle tightness (muscle spasm), muscular injuries, or conditions like fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis. Anxiety and depression can also elicit physical pains in our muscles, so; deep tissue massage is also ideal for these conditions.

The massage therapist applies firm pressure on sore muscles to release the tension between different muscle fibers. Massage therapy in Calgary is quite famous because of all the associated health benefits. The session for deep tissue massage lasts for almost sixty to ninety minutes.

The ideal approach for deep tissue massage is going slow and deep. The therapist will start with slow strokes to increase the flexibility of your skin, and then, he/she will apply more pressure to engage the deeper layer of your muscles.

2. Swedish massage:

This is also called the general relaxation massage. A Swedish massage in Calgary is ideal for those who are a novice to massage therapy. Swedish massage is a gentle full body massage in which the massage therapist applies much less pressure as compared to deep tissue massage. It is also ideal for those people who have general body pains and need a rejuvenation.
Some combinations of strokes that a massage therapist uses in Swedish massage are:

  • Kneading
  • Cross friction
  • Long strokes
  • Tepotment (tapping)
  • Vibrations
  • Passive joint movements

A Swedish massage session lasts for almost 60-90 minutes.

3. Sports/athletic massage:

Athletes are highly trained individuals, and their muscles are prone to tiredness. Their muscles need to perform on higher energy levels, so fatigue and tightness are quite prevalent in these individuals. A special type of massage called sports massage is essential to keep their bodies in perfect shape. This type of massage in Calgary requires considerable focus on the overall flexibility of an athlete’s body.

Sports massage is often confused with deep tissue massage. The techniques are essentially the same, and the difference lies mostly in the objectives and target population. It is recommended that you should lie naked so that the massage therapist can approach all the essential areas that can get sore during exhausting sports activities.

The session time is between 60-90 minutes.

4. Thigh massage:

This type of massage in Calgary is ideal for those who require a more active approach from their massage therapists. Thai massage is famous for its health benefits. It is often used to treat pain and stress. Other benefits of Thai massage are:

  • Improved flexibility
  • Better blood circulation
  • More energy

Thai massage incorporates very synchronized movements that are also used in yoga. The therapist applies firm pressure on the involved structures, and the joints are twisted into a different position. It increases the overall range of motion of your body. The session lasts for 30-60 minutes.

5. Aromatherapy massage:

This type of massage utilizes the healing benefits of essential oils. The relaxing aroma from these oils, along with gentle muscle work, is perfect for reducing anxiety, boosting mood, treating the symptoms of depression, and relieving the traumatic responses.

Life coaching in Calgary:

Along with the massage therapy in Calgary, people also seek services from life coaches in Calgary to reduce the symptoms of their psychological illnesses. Our muscles are prone to get tight when we are under psychological stress. So, life coaching in Calgary makes a perfect combo with massage to rejuvenate our inner self. Life coaching helps you to reduce the triggers in your life that make you vulnerable to physical pains, psychological stress, and low mood.

If you are looking for a massage near you in Calgary, do some homework beforehand so that you can prevent unnecessary troubles. Use this guide to find a type of massage in Calgary that works perfectly for you.

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