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What To Do When Your Marketing Strategy Isn’t Working?


The only way to know when your marketing strategy isn’t working is if it isn’t generating enough new leads to grow and make money for your business. If this is the case, then you need to find out the cause – what is wrong with your strategy? It could be as simple as people not liking the service you are providing or the way you offer it – which means you might want to consider adapting your service offerings to suit your target market. However, the reality is, you are most likely delivering an acceptable level of service, so you need to think about more complicated issues – such as your marketing. Here, we look at what a digital marketing agency in Cheshire recommend you ask yourself if you’re not getting the results you want.

Marketing Strategy

Have You Cast The Net Too Wide?

Perhaps your marketing is trying to appeal to too many people at once – you need to consider who you are specifically catering for and not try to draw in everyone from every walk of life. It is good to know your customers’ behaviours and personalities and to know who your target audience is. You may then discover that your current strategy has the wrong tone. Newer businesses often work on previously existing assumptions, including advertisements using humour or anecdotes to appeal to the audience, when the service they are providing is not an appropriate setting for these tactics. Simply put, if most of a document is speculation-based, its reliability should be called into question.

Are Your Goals Realistic?

A good way to keep track of your progress is by setting goals. You could decide that you want a certain number of people to visit your website or you want X amount of new leads every month. Setting and then achieving these goals will help to motivate you and show how far your business has grown. It can also help with locating the source of the marketing problem. You also need to consider how your planned investments match to your goals. It is recommended that you invest at least £1000 (maybe up to £10,000) if you want to make a million. Using small amounts of money for your marketing strategy will mean that the campaign is unsustainable and not easily repeatable due to lack of interest and therefore, lack of income.

Are You Different Enough?

Another problem you may have is invisibility. Your marketing campaign may be very similar to many other companies that have similar products or services. There is nothing wrong with providing a product or service that another company is, but you need to show your prospects why yours is better – what do you offer that no one else does? How do your advertisements and campaigns stand out in the crowd?

Are You Trying Different Tactics?

Leading on from the previous point; are you utilising a large enough number of marketing tactics to get traction? Most of the time, one or two tactics will not make a difference in the vast sea of marketing and advertising. Also consider the types of tactics you are using – spending money on traditional cold-calling, mailing, public relations or trade shows is not an effective way to get investment for your business in today’s demographic. To fix this, replace any of these strategies with inbound marketing tactics – these should cost a lot less and deliver more leads to your business.

Do You Take Other Ideas On Board?

Finally, it is always a good idea to brainstorm ideas with more than one person. Everyone has different thoughts, insights and opinions so neglecting to use them is a mistake. A team effort will reduce the number of blind spots in your plan and will usually reveal a more thorough and well-designed process. With this in mind, use the extra brain-power to incorporate ideas for future changes and development. Adaptability is vital, so be ready to switch things up.

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