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What Is The National Common Mobility Card And How To Apply For It?


As per the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, the NCPC or the National Common Mobility Card was envisioned as a part of the NUTP or National Urban Transport Policy in 2006. This initiative, acknowledged by Automatic Fare Collection System, was launched by the central government on 4th March 2019.

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What is the National Common Mobility Card?

National Common Mobility Card also referred to as ‘One Nation One Card’ is an interoperable, contactless transport card which aims to ease cardholders in their payments towards bus or train travels, toll taxes, retail purchases, cash withdrawal, etc. A part of the ‘Make in India’ initiative, the gate and reader prototype is designed by the government-owned Bharat Electronics Limited.

Features and benefits of the NCMC

Several initiatives have been considered by the transport management authoritative bodies to automate the fare collection system. However, restricted usage of this payment system led the Government in adopting a transaction system for commuters with an objective to develop an interoperable ecosystem, which includes a user-friendly interface.

In order to make usage of NCMC easy, the interface is quite similar to those incorporated by popular financial institutions and NBFCs across India.

This card also comes with several benefits along with various attractive features, which are –

● NCMC has a card-based payment model which is similar to every debit or credit card in India. Moreover, this card comprises a swipe-to-pay option along with the contact less facility that helps cardholders in dealing with their payments quickly.

● NCMC not only supports online transactions but offline contact less purchases as well. Contactless cards consist of an advanced payment system which uses sophisticated chip technology. It possesses several tiers of encryption levels to ensure safe and secure payments through this card.
● This card also has provision to store the balance in case of offline transactions, which is supported by multiple service areas for acquirer or operator programs such as tickets, season passes, smart city-specific applications, loyalty points, etc. Since offline transactions are permitted to the stored value in this card, there is minimal risk involved during such transactions.
● The NCMC offers multipurpose usage such as ATM transactions, retail purchases and e-commerce payments in addition to payments towards bus and train travel expenses, toll taxes, parking charges, etc.

Hence, cardholders are not required to carry multiple cards for different purposes, so a contactless card will surely enhance their transactional experiences.

How to apply for NCMC?

NCMC is substantially valuable for cardholders as well as all financial institutions and operators in India. Interested individuals who want to avail a National Common Mobility Card are required to contact their desired financial institutions and NBFCs that are authorised by the Reserve Bank of India.

Applicants will be able to check their credit card application status in several ways after opting for it.

Individuals can make use of this card for online transactions just like any other credit or debit cards with the help of the 3-digit CVV number. If your NCMC gets stolen, just like a regular debit or credit card, you need to consider the steps to take immediately in case of credit card lost or stolen.

However, this card does not offer substantial reward point accumulation like the Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard. You can not only use this card for various means of transaction but also avail an emergency personal loan in times of financial crisis.
Hence, the citizens of India who commute on a daily basis can streamline their travel with the help of a National Common Mobility Card. Just like you learn how to use your credit card wisely, it is advised to learn about its features and benefits before using it on a daily basis.

Everything You Need to Know About the National Common Mobility Card

NCMC or the National Common Mobility Card program, acknowledged by Automatic Fare Collection System, was launched by Indian Prime Minister on 4th March 2019. This program, an initiative of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, was speculated to be a key part of the National Urban Transport Policy in 2006.

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