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What is Commercial Real Estate


The real estate sector is a never-ending process of supply and demand for the purchase and sale of properties. The nature of these assets can be very different such as residential, commercial, industrial, urban, etc. All the operations that occur related to the purchase and sale of the real estate sector are important for the development of a sustainable economy in a country.

What is Commercial Real Estate

Why People Invest in the Commercial Real Estate Sector?

Many people invest in commercial real estate to create wealth. In general commercial real estate transactions create more cash flow than a residential real estate transaction. With commercial real estate, especially when multiple units are involved, and you have one or two unoccupied units, still, one can generate positive levels of capitals.

Types of Commercial Real Estate Investment

The commercial real estate is defined as any property that is used for conducting business.


Office properties are of two types, such as urban and suburban. Many urban offices are located in cities with skyscrapers and high rise buildings in spacious square feet sizes. Suburban offices are found in the midsize structure and sometimes merge in office parks. These offices are found in three-class like high rise prestigious apartments, mid-range buildings and small complexes with average functional space.


The industrial real estate includes large manufacturing buildings and warehouses. These industries are specially used for research, storage, distribution, and production of goods. The large manufacturing properties are heavily customized with machinery for the end-user. There are four types of industrial real estate such as Heavy manufacturing, Light assembly, Bulk warehouse, and Flex industrial.


The retail market involves regional shopping centers to local centers. These retail shops are available in all sizes depending on the type of business, and most investors take their first step in the retail market in small places. There are many retail options such as gift stores, grocery stores, drug stores, office supply stores, and many small retail units where you can invest, and that match your investment budget.


Multifamily Hyderabad real estate includes garden apartments, mid rise apartments, and high Rise apartments. Garden apartments have 3 to 4 floors with ground parking and have no lifts. Mid rise apartments is a 5 to 9 storied building with elevator service. These are often constructed in developing areas. High rise apartments consists of more than 9 floors and are mostly found in prominent areas with best in class facilities.


The Hotel real estate may be independent or managed by a group of investors. Hotels provide accommodations, food, and other services for many people, tourists, and travelers. There are three categories in hotel real estate, including full-service hotels, Limited service hotels, Extended stay hotels. Based on the location and categories, their services vary from each other.


The commercial land includes investment properties on raw, undeveloped land and infill land that has been developed but now is vacant.This land can be used for a business like warehouses, parking lots, and other profit-generating enterprises. The price of a commercial land depends upon the location, infrastructure, or any existing business beside the land.

Bottom Line

Remember, you are not buying a residential property to live in, you are buying a business, and a detailed analysis of the income that the property can generate is necessary. The ability of the property to generate rental income is perhaps an essential criterion to consider. PropertyAdviser.in is India’s first ever property directory providing latest updates on Hyderabad’s real estate and market growth analysis in an efficient way, with which you can make profitable real estate investments. Other things you should consider are the size, condition, location of the building, the financial stability of the market in which you are looking to invest, and the levels of competition against which you will be competing.

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