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What is Child Support Counseling, is it Right For You?


In a divorce case involving children, it becomes very difficult for the parents to reach an agreement for the parenting plan. Hence child support compelling is a better form of a method than as instructed by the court. But most of the time parents don’t understand why this method? How to get better at it? How to get most of it?

What is Child Support Counseling, is it Right For You

In these difficult times, you have enough stress to deal with and pressure to be happy in front of your child. So what to do and what not to do while a child supports counseling. What exactly will happen during child support counseling? How child support counseling is the right option? Let us understand.

What is child support counseling?

Whenever a party in the divorce case files an issue about the child visitation and custody, there comes the role of the court. The court may instruct the parents to use child support counsel as a communication medium between them to come up with a good parenting plan. Here you must understand the process.

While if one parent does not understand the process then it may affect the whole parenting plan so if you are one of those start learning about the process. It will be a great help in the future of your child. And you can also go smoothly with a parenting plan.

When child support counseling will exactly happen?

You need to consult with family law attorneys Los Angeles & know about the child support counseling process but you don’t know when will it exactly happen? It is really important for a parent to understand each schedule for the visitation and child support counseling plan so that you could not miss any of those meetings. It may also affect your case and other parents can get the advantage of it.

Generally, child support counseling will happen before you have court dates for child custody and visitation rights. You must remember that it is very important for both the parents to attend child counseling each time. Even if you miss one single time then it may affect your case.

What is the place for child support counseling?

while child support counseling may happen at any place near to the court as instructed in your document and hence you must read every piece of the paper carefully. The paperwork will let you understand the exact timings, place, and other details that are required by each parent.

The first thing you must know is where is the court proceeding going to happen? Generally, child support counseling will happen near the court proceeding place and hence you must look at the court proceeding place in the document you receive from the court.

Which parties should be present for child support counseling?

Yes, the common sense tells us that both the parents should be present at the place of child support counseling but who else should be there and the child support counseling process. You need to understand that you can not take your lawyer with yourself for any communication during child support counseling.

While one parent may live far away from the child support counseling plays instructed by the court. Hence the poor parents and asked for permission from the court to get a telephonic conversation and get the child support counseling process done over the call. This permission should be taken before the date of the child-support counseling process.

What will happen during child support counseling?

Being a parent it is reasonable to worry about what will happen during the child-support counseling. But you need not worry as it is a light conversation and will deal with your issues also. A mediator is present for both the parties and he would ask both the parties what parenting plan they would need and why.

The role of the mediator is to reach an agreement for both parties and solve if there are any issues between the parties related to the child support counselor. You may be thinking that how many hours will this process go on? The child support counseling process generally goes on for 2-2.5 hours.


Child support counseling is a major process for any child and it will affect his growth and development for future years. Hence it is very important to understand that reaching an agreement by both parties is required. If both the parties are not ready to come up to an agreement then it may affect your child adversely.

If you are still in doubt then you should ask your child custody lawyer in Los Angeles and get the required help. A child custody lawyer in Los Angeles can help on different days so that there are no disagreements on any side. I wish you all the luck that prevails!


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