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What Can Be The Possible Risks of A Hip Replacement Surgery?


What matters the most after treatment is the recovery. There is no point in investing the money if you cannot get back to a healthy routine after the surgery. Hip replacement is an expensive procedure across the globe. Hip Replacement Cost in India is in the range of USD 8,000 to 12,000, which is a minimum price around the world.

What Can Be The Possible Risks of A Hip Replacement Surgery

So, when you spend such a significant amount on the treatment, make sure you are careful about the recovery care, or else all your time, money and efforts of the surgeon go in vain. There are higher chances to get affected by unwanted side-effects after the treatment.

To know more about the possible consequences of a Hip Replacement, continue to read the blog.

Possible Side-Effects of a Hip Replacement Surgery:

After Hip replacement surgery in India, over 90% of the patients do not face any complications. However, some of the common complications in the patients due to varied reasons can be:

• Infection:

In some of the patients, there are chances that they suffer infection at the incision point. It can even grow deep to different layers of the newly transplanted hip. It occurs if the patient does not intake the antibiotics prescribed by the doctor on time. If the infection spreads to a significant area, then you might have to undergo the replacement of the prosthesis.

• Loosening:

The newly implanted prosthesis might not connect to the original joint, which may cause a problem in the motion and movement. It is a rare issue that you might suffer immediately after the treatment, but it might be valid in the later run. The condition is true for those who start with heavy physical activities without consulting the medical professional.

• Change in the length of the leg:

It is the complication that is usually because of the fault at the surgical end. If the orthopaedic surgeon is not careful, after the hip replacement, the patient might have to suffer the change in the leg length. It is due to the contracture in the muscles. So, you must be careful while choosing your surgeon and treatment centre. For any assistance regarding treatment in India, you can approach Denesa Health medical tourism company, and they would provide you with the best possible suggestions.

• Blood Clotting:

If the patient does not pay attention to the post-recovery care, there are higher chances that the blood clots develop in the vein. It might also travel to the lungs, heart or brain and prove to be fatal. The doctor generally recommends blood-thinning medications to avoid this condition.

Final Words:

The patient needs to be attentive to the simulation education provided by the medical team before and after the surgery. It will help you to avail the desired results of the treatment. You will not have to suffer after the procedure, and then you can avail the maximum benefits of the affordable Hip Replacement Surgery Cost in India.

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