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What are the Advantages of Installing A GPS Tracker


People love their cars and flaunt them whenever possible. When it comes to the security of the car, people usually talk about tyres and other maintenance services and nothing else. If you talk about GPS trackers, Dash cams, everyone will have the same answer as to who needs these, I drive my own car and I know how to take care of it without such devices. Some will say I have a trusted driver why would I need such a device and some would say I trust my kids. But the fact remains that such devices help you safeguard your car when you are not around and updates about your whereabouts to the family when you are either away or not reachable.

What are the Advantages of Installing A GPS Tracker

A GPS vehicle tracker uses both cellular telephone and GPS technology. Cellular technology is used to relay the warning signal to the control center outside of the building, while GPS technology is used to determine the tracking device’s precise position. It is essential to choose a GPS tracking system that offers you with live tracking details and also provides you with the vehicle’s trip summary with AI-based smart alerts and easy compatibility with your phone. You can even create geographical boundaries called ‘Geofence’ on the map around a landmark and alert is sent out every time the vehicle enters or exits these set boundaries.

There are certain GPS trackers that have Dashcam to it; one of them is KENT CamEye. It is first of its kind car security device that keeps your car and family safe. The device has dual cameras that record everything happening in and around the car.

Let’s take a look at the advantages of installing a GPS tracking device like KENT CamEye in your car:

1. Observing teens in car behaviour:

The teenagers these days are always busy flaunting their car and deriving behaviour and it is really important to keep a track on them. Rash driving is a major concern when they drive. To cater to such problems, a GPS tracking device is there to keep a watch on your children’s driving behaviour. With such a device you’ll be able to regulate their speed and location. Besides this teens will surely be more careful while driving as they will know someone is reviewing their driving behaviour.

2. To avoid road incidents

It is always better to prepare for any road incidents. Any issues or problem you face on the road, the GPS tracking device will help you by sending an immediate alert to your family. GPS tracking system which is installed in your cars can share your exact locations. It is better to have an extra safeguard.

3. Alerts when the wrong route followed

GPS tracking devices are really helpful for those who rely on drivers. Such devices alert the owner when the car takes up the wrong route via a mail or SMS. You will be certain about your loved one’s safety and it will also reduce your nervousness if they are being late.

4. Geo-Fencing

Create virtual boundaries around an area on the map, to define the usual places where the car is supposed to go daily. Alert is sent to the owner when the car goes beyond the defined area. It prevents the driver from taking intentional or accidental detours.

5. Help you locate your car

A GPS tracker is of enormous support if your car gets stolen. The GPS tracking device will help you locate your car. It also acts as a great help for people who lose track of their car’s location and directs to their parked car.

What exactly KENT CamEye Do?

KENT CamEye tracks all that’s happening in and around the car and stores it on secure cloud storage. Both cameras have 720p with 120 degree field of view (FOV) and an infrared night vision is available. It even allows user to have a live video streaming of either of the cameras which can be accessed anytime from anywhere in the world. It is a 4G enabled device that keeps the user connected to the car via the phone. The unit ensures 100 percent vehicle safety. It has apps such as Cloud Time-Lapse Video Recording, Live Streaming, 2-way messaging, Geo-fencing warning, AC on warning, over speeding alert, and many more. You can keep your car’s protection in your hands with all this, and be stress-free. You can buy the device at a price of Rs.17, 999 with 3 months free subscription. To book the demo, please share your contact details at [email protected] or call us on 9582612345. You can also visit us at www. cameye.com


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