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Wedding Checklist For Your Best Friend’s Wedding


Have you been asked to be the maid of honor at your best friend’s wedding? Have you also been asked to plan the entire wedding because your best friend is a busy bee? We know you are beyond excited to plan your best friend’s wedding, why wouldn’t you? However, when the responsibility kicks in, you also realize that it is not that easy of a task to perform. You have to go through various hurdles to plan a perfect wedding for your best friend, which is exactly why we are here. We have curated a checklist for you so that you don’t miss out on any important detail of your soul sister’s wedding. Have a look.

Wedding Checklist For Your Best Friend’s Wedding

Budget is the key

Start by preparing a budget. Budget preparation will help you in so many ways while you plan out your entire wedding ceremony. A budget will make sure you don’t end up overspending. Start by including all the major expenses and then go further deep down and look at the little details that will need your best friend to shell out a little money. You will need the help of your best friend and her fiance in this. They will be able to tell you how much exactly are they willing to spend and what are their priorities.

Deciding upon the theme

Your next task should be settling on that one theme that your best friend is the most excited to have at her wedding. If your best friend is clueless about what she wants at her wedding, then you will have to go the extra mile and look for themes that suit your best friend’s personality the best! Then accordingly, choose table setting and colors for the venue. It should enhance the decided theme in a better light and should be able to add good vibes to the venue. Make sure you make arrangements for material to get through timely before the wedding day.

Venue that speaks to you

The venue is of utmost importance to set the right vibes at the wedding ceremony. Plan in advance and look for sites that suit your budget and number of guests the best. The bride and groom should accompany you at each venue visit so that they can pick one according to their taste. It is good to know what to expect at their wedding ceremony. Look at the venue and try to visualize it with the decided theme. Lock the one that speaks to you. Wedding venues in Lafayette, LA are known for providing world-class services and decorations. That is why while you look for venues, also try Wedding venues in Lafayette, LA.

Looking for best catering services

The food decides the success of a ceremony. One little mistake with the caterers, and it all goes downhill. Which is why you should be extremely careful while you choose the caterer for your best friend’s reception. Your first step should be getting a hold of the guest list and figuring out what kind of menu will suit their taste buds the best. The bride and groom will be able to help you with that. Then go ahead with preparing the menu and looking for a caterer who specializes in preparing those particular dishes. Do not forget to mention the number of guests that will be attending the reception so that caterer gets a clear idea.

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