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Web Design Minimal Vs Flat Design


Nowadays Flat designs are everywhere you see. A lot of people might mix it with Minimal Design. These two are really different then each other and depends upon the project or the designs. One thing is for sure, that flat design is not minimalism. But, why should a Web Design Company in Pakistan keep that in mind?

When you look at a flat design, it might look very pleasing aesthetically. It basically shows a design without any dimension, in a single flat appearance. It appears flat, but originally it might not be made that way. Even a web page that looks flat might have all the buttons and menus all over it.

Web Design Minimal Vs Flat Design

On the other hand, minimalism is how a design is approached. Even though the website has a lot of elements, it will be designed in such a way that it will be easier to use and go through. It is classic concept which can never be outdated, and often updated and presented.

How is Minimalism Concept used for any Website?

A lot of Web Design Companies use minimalism approach. But first, it is important to ask what the client wants. We know less is more. Although it can improve or ruin a web experience for your client, Therefore, before choosing such design it is important to know whether this concept will be useful for your business or not? And will it depict the true identity of the brand?

So, Which Design is Better?

We cannot say which one is here to stay. Is flatness a trend or something that we will see a lot? Basically, the concept was initially introduced by Apple, which changed the industry forever. Now after that, these designs seem to inspire every area on the digital platform. They will only stick around with people if designers use them in a better way. If a designer knows his skills well and can work in with this new ingredient meanwhile keeping the flavor of his dish true to the core, then who knows?

How to Switch to Flat Design?

After Apple, a lot of other companies are also joining the same cause. It might soon saturate the market and designers will want to choose something else. If you are one of the designers who preferred minimalism and suddenly your client wants a flat one, then it might become difficult for you to make the switch. So, how to do that?

1. Try to make more than one version of it. A client who wants a flat design needs to see the best shot at it, or nothing. If you mix it with old versions, it will give out a mixed message about the brand.

2. Use a UX Approach. A mixing up of different designs ruins the experience for the customers and it also looks really unprofessional on the designers’ part. Your client will not be able to relate that design with your brand, and your identity will suffer a lot. So, choose a single design and make it user friendly.


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