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Valuable Tips on Purchasing a Home


If you are planning to purchase a home, make sure you select the right one, as this is a costly and long term investment. Contacting a reputable real estate agent might help you, as these professionals have contacts with people planning to sell their home. However, before proceeding ahead, you should also consider these factors:

Valuable Tips on Purchasing a Home

Consider the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you would like the home to have

How often will guests reside in your home? Will you use public transit (in such a scenario your new home should be in an area close to roads serviced by public transportation). How much storage space you need. Efficiency (homes with a small footprint, low ceiling, and new windows can help you keep your cooling and heating bills low). Its proximity from your office and your kid’s school.

Architecture homes

You have lots of financial and design benefits in case you plan to build an architectural homes on property you own, as opposed to purchasing a completed house. Here are some architectural tips that will help you maximize the value of your land and ensure you are happy with the outcome if you plan to build a house on your property.

The primary reason that property owners depend on architects to design their abode is to get the maximum space out of their property without spoiling its aesthetics and simultaneously ensure that their home complements the surrounding landscape. Therefore, ensure that the architect you hire is on the same wavelength as you and understands how you want your home built, including its surroundings and landscape. The last two points depend on the location of your property.

We have already discussed the importance of the facilities close to your dream home and the important role they play. However, you should consider the future too. If your property lies close to a huge city, you can rest assured that facilities such as schools, retail stores, restaurants, and cafes along with community and recreational facilities will come up in the neighbourhood in a couple of years. You also need to consider the cost of getting utility connections such as power, telephone, gas, electricity, and water. Utility companies charge less if they already have their main lines located close to your home. On the contrary, be prepared to pay a huge sum for utility connections if your property lies in an isolated place, far from the areas that the utility companies service. You will have to pay more for insuring your new home if the property will be built on lies in an area flood zone or fire danger area. You need to consider all these factors, as it might be beneficial to sell the property and purchase a new home somewhere else if you have to pay an exorbitant fee to build a new home on your existing or inherited property.

You can save a considerable sum by purchasing a vacant plot and build a home on it, as you only have to pay stamp duty for the plot, which is much less than the stamp duty chargeable for a house. This works out cheaper than negotiating with a builder who offers “buy on completion” arrangement. In such a scenario, you will have to pay stamp on the entire home. Forget about paying stamp duty if you already own the property.

Opting for a small home

Purchasing a tiny home is financially more affordable, and the purchase process is simpler. Unlike financing for large homes, you do not have to pay a hefty down payment, provide proof of your income for the last 10 years, or have an excellent credit score. You can finance such a home with your savings. Besides, you can get a small homes built with repurposed or salvaged materials, decreasing its overall cost even further.

Cold air during the scorching summer temperature

You can chill the air inside your home with the help of evaporative air conditioning. Such equipment consists of a central cooling unit connected that forces cold air inside your room through a ducting system. Unlike traditional are conditioners, these coolers do not dehumidify your home, ensuring that there is sufficient moisture, and will not dry your eyes, nose or skin. Apart from providing you with fresh air, such coolers do not demand the closing of windows and doors. The icing on the cake is that their energy consumption is much less than that of air conditioners.

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