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Types of Free Standing Carport and Their Advantages


There are many types of carports, which can be used to park a car. One of them is free standing carport that can be installed anywhere without any support. There are many advantages and disadvantages of using a carport and these are described below:

Types of Free Standing Carport and Their Advantages

Advantages of Free Standing Carport:

1. Protection of the Vehicle

People spend a large sum of money to purchase a vehicle. The vehicle has to be kept properly so that the harsh environment does not affect it. The vehicle should also be protected from burglars. Carports do not provide much security from the burglars as they are opened from all sides. But it helps in protecting the car from bad weather, and other environmental problems.

2. Safety From Different Weather Conditions

Carports help in protecting the car from various kinds of weather condition whether heat, cold, windy, etc. The shed of the carport saves the car from direct rays of the sun. If there is a hail storm, the car is protected from that also. Bird droppings can make the car dirty but it is protected due to the shed of the carport. The carport does not provide much protection in comparison to the garage but it is a good option if there is no garage as it performs its task of protection well.

3. Versatility

There are various things for which carports can be used. If people have free standing carport, they can take it to anywhere like picnics or long drive and use the carport to park the car. Carports can also be used as a front porch.

4. Storage

Another thing for which the free standing carport are used is the storage of things. Various kinds of tools related to vehicle, garden, household things etc. can be stored here safely. Besides cars, people can also park bikes, bicycles, and many other things. Carports can also be used to store many other things so it is useful to have one in the house.

5. Shade

Carports also provide shade so it is a good option for the children to play safely. Children will be safe from harsh weather conditions while playing with their pets.

6. Convenience

Free standing carport does not have a door so there is no need of locks and keys. It has openings from one, two, or all sides. People can install the carport in the yard, garden or any place they like.

Types of Carports:

There are many types of carports available, which are as follows.

1. Metal Carports

Metal carports the latest from of carports, which are made with different types of metals. These carports are durable and have a long life. Steel and aluminium are the main metals that are used to make metal carports.

2. Portable Carports

Portable carports are also available which are light in weight and can be carried and installed anywhere. They have the capacity to protect the vehicles from harsh weather. These carports are available in different shapes and sizes and people can purchase the one of their choice.

3. Free Standing Carports

These are independent carports that are not attached to any house or building. They are used by people who have large lands.

4. Tandem Carports

You can park two cars in this carport in a vertical cue meaning one car behind an other car. So, in case you have to remove the car a head you will have to move the other car. Which is a disadvantage here.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the advantages of using free standing carport and people can purchase them even if they have a garage in their house. The carports are very convenient and can be taken anywhere.

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