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Try 7 Things When You are Locked out of Your House


Lockouts can put anyone in trouble, and people need to wait outside their own house until someone helps them open the door. The lockouts become more of a trouble if they have pets and or kids inside their home. Every person locked out of their home needs a locksmith to unlock the house.

Try 7 Things When You are Locked out of Your House

The stress of getting locked and stuck outside your house can make the situation worse. However, there are many ways to open a locked door. Let us show you some things to try when you are locked out of your house.

Call a friend

In the situations of lockout, the best way is to call a friend who can help you open the lock. If you have forgotten the keys in your office, you can request someone to bring the keys to open the lock. If you are living in a rental house, you can call the landlord to ask for the keys. Many landlords have a copy of the keys to use in such emergencies.

Look for doors and windows

Sometimes there are unlocked doors or windows on the backside or some other areas of the house. You can enter your home in these ways. So, it is essential to look for unlocked doors and windows while waiting for someone to arrive for help. If you find one, you can enter your house without any trouble. You will still need to unlock the entry door, but you can do it when a locksmith arrives for help.

Call your building manager

If you live in an apartment, you cannot access an unlocked door or window on the backside of your house due to its height. The managers of apartments and societies have some master keys with them that can open the doors of multiple houses with a single key

Call a Locksmith

Another best option in such a situation is to call a professional locksmith who can help you open the entry door. Nowadays, locksmiths use the latest technology equipment to open all types of locks. Even if you have lost your key, they can create the new keys within a few minutes. Reputed locksmiths are available for 24 x 7 services for their customers. So, calling an emergency locksmith service is the best option when you are locked out of your house.

Check the garage door

Sometimes people lock the main door but forget to lock the garage door. You can check the garage door, and enter the house in case it is open. If the garage door is locked from outside, you might have the key to open the same. However, if it is locked from inside, you need to try another option.

Remove the doorknob

If the deadbolt is not locked, you can remove the doorknob and enter the house. Most doorknobs installed in homes are equipped with mounting screws or closed connections. But if you see carefully, you can see the pin-sized tiny hole on the side or under the doorknob.

Find a paper clip or bobby pin and insert it into the hole and apply a little pressure. When you feel resistance, you can push the pin further as far as it goes. Use your other hand to pull and turn the knob. Apply the pressure continuously and pull and twist the doorknob until it loosens and comes to your hand.

Then pry off the outer covering plate to reveal the internal mechanism of the lock. Use a bobby pin or screwdriver to pull back the lock mechanism. You can unlock the door using this technique within a few minutes.

Try with a plastic card

If you have a plastic card in your wallet that you don’t mind damaging, you can use it to open the door. You can also use an expired debit or credit card and insert it at the latch between the door and its frame. Hold the care at a right angle to the frame of the door.

Push it and wiggle around the lock. Slide back the latch and away from the jamb by bending the card away from the knob. Also, push against the door while bending the plastic card. Then slide the card between the doorframe and latch. With the card still between the doorframe and lock, you can push back into the home.

Final Words

These are the ways you can try when you are locked out of your house. Although there are many more ways people can try to unlock a door or enter their home, these are the most simple. The best way is to call an emergency locksmith service, and they can unlock your door within a few minutes. Using these ways can help people to unlock their doors and enter their houses in a lockout situation.


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