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Trends You Need To Know About Porcelain Kitchen Sinks


Porcelain is among the most popular types of kitchen sink materials. This is loved for its cost-effectiveness, durability, and matching in any décor. A porcelain kitchen sink needs regular cleaning to protect it from stains and to maintain its sparkling neat white look. Luckily, porcelain sinks are available in other colors although white is a popular choice. Below are trends about porcelain kitchen sinks you should know.

Trends You Need To Know About Porcelain Kitchen Sinks

Antique porcelain kitchen sinks

These sinks come with a vintage look with large size to give a unique appeal. Antique porcelain sinks have a large basin rimmed on the side counter or either side. These sinks are loved today for their rustic and elegant appeal backed by functionality. The large bowl is ideal for washing large pots and pans. Antique porcelain sinks with a farmhouse design are thick and deep to allow cleaning a variety of items.

Porcelain sinks are easy to maintain and clean with marvelous shapes and designs that look appealing to the eye. Antique porcelain sinks have a hard non-porous ceramic finish including vitreous china or fireclay. This is heated at extreme temperatures just like glass. A glaze covering on this sink gives it a classic look in various colors. Accessories like traditional style drainers and mono or double bloc faucets allow making the most of this sink.

Modern porcelain sinks

When looking to buy porcelain kitchen sinks, opt for a reputable brand. This will have these sinks in various options including design, shape, bowl, or installation. Modern porcelain sinks come in various colors to match your kitchen style and design. These sinks are made from a blend of materials including enamel steel to allow drilling holes for faucets, brackets, and other functionality.

A quality porcelain kitchen sink is worth the effort and extra bucks for creating the ideal feel in your space and boosts resale value. You will appreciate the effort taken to realize the benefits of investing in a porcelain kitchen sink. This makes the process easier and limits you from spending too much time in the market.

Porcelain undermount kitchen sinks

An undermount porcelain sink needs professional installation given its weight, unlike a stainless steel sink. A porcelain sink supports heavy pots and pans to explain the need for stronger support. Backed with the water weight, the sink can weigh down clamping if not properly installed leading to disaster. The rule of thumb is to entrust a professional to install your porcelain undermount sink but not making it a DIY project.

Porcelain kitchen farmhouse sinks

Farmhouse style if popular in porcelain kitchen sinks for the huge size. This makes the sink ideal for supporting heavy loads including pots, dishes, and pans. Today, you can find a modern farmhouse porcelain sink that adds elegance and class to your kitchen. This sink comes with high functional capacity with an apron-like raised front to limit water spilling onto the cabinet beneath.

Porcelain is now used to make farmhouse sinks, unlike traditional ones that were mostly made from fireclay. Protect your sink from a spoilt sheen by avoiding using abrasive cleaning liquids. The rule of thumb is to use mild liquid soap with lemon to clean your porcelain sink. This is the trick to ensure that the sink maintains its shine and neat look.

Porcelain sink colors

White is a common color for porcelain sinks for its neat look in the kitchen. Additionally, white is popular for matching with any kitchen décor and color theme. Keep in mind that a white porcelain sink requires regular cleaning to limit stains from food residues. The visibility of cracks is considerably low even when you accidentally drop heavy objects in the sink.

Black is another color for porcelain kitchen sinks liked for its elegant sheen and classy appeal. A black kitchen sink is stylish and unique. This porcelain sink is loved for its bold and neutral color that blends nicely with any color theme. The most significant benefit of a black porcelain sink is the ability to hide stains and filth nicely. This protects you from having to worry about cleaning your sinks as often as a white sink.

Some things you’ll appreciate about a porcelain kitchen sink include:

  • Holds well overtime
  • Various color options
  • Low maintenance
  • Easier to find one matching your style

In conclusion

When building a new kitchen or remodeling, the choice of sink matters. Various sink options on the market come in a host of materials, designs, and shapes. Porcelain is a wonderful material for a kitchen sink for its durability, versatility, and availability in various options. A reputable brand will have options for you to select a porcelain sink for your kitchen in a favorite color, design, or shape.

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