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Transporting Food Items through Custom Boxes


When you are dealing with shipping food items, there is a great deal of risk involved. Such items can deteriorate, decompose, or even become soggy along with the Cartons they are packed inside. This can not only damage your food product, but also your boxes therefore causing loss to your company and brand. Such materials require some insulation and extra protection, which can help to avoid any extra losses and damages. Such items can be tricky to handle but there are a few key steps you have to be careful about, such as:

Transporting Food Items through Custom Boxes

1. Choosing the right packaging & packaging methods – When it comes to creating Custom Boxes for food items, you need to make sure you are choosing the right packaging materials. If you are sending items which are more prone to decompose, properly pack them prior. There is extreme of temperature and moisture while transportation, so keep that in mind before selecting the perfect box for your materials. Use filling where needed, and specially pack bakery items so they do not squish with each other. This seal should be air-tight so that it will not be affected by the external moisture or temperature changes.

2. For items requiring cold storage – If you are shipping items like ice cream, or frozen products, then you need to ensure they remain in cold storage. For such products, line them properly so they do not wet the container when they melt, which can make the external box soggy and cause it to break down. Make sure to use a proper refrigerant with them which can help maintain the cold temperature inside. These items should also be properly insulated so that they do not catch any heat exposure.

3. Shipping duration & tracking – Such perishables cannot be held for a longer period of time, so ensure your delivery company provides you with a fast or overnight delivery. In case of cold storage products, delivery time reduces even further, as such products cannot be held for a longer time due to their temperature restrictions, so always keep that in mind. Make sure to continue tracking the items, and know which city they are currently in at each time so you would know how long it actually took for you to deliver it.

4. Delivery instructions – Make sure you mention it on the delivery parcel that it has to be sent in the next 30 hours. Prefer sending in business days so that there is so hold up. It should also be treated as a fragile item and not thrown around as that can damage the inside of the container effectively.

RoshPack provides effective packaging solution and ideas to safely ship and deliver your perishable items. With a wide range of custom boxes to choose from, you can also select your desired material to be used in transportation. The packages are manufactured, designed and labeled according to international standards, to make sure that whatever product you are sending is safely delivered at the doorstep.


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