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Top Tourist Destinations to Visit in Lonavala


Lonavala is a city in the Sahyadri Range of Maharashtra, and it has been an important center for trade and commerce since ancient times. The Lonavala Lake, which is located near the town, attracts many tourists because it forms one of the largest waterfalls in Asia. Besides this, several other attractions make Lonavala worth visiting, like its various temples and museums, along with plenty of historical sites to explore.

Top Tourist Destinations to Visit in Lonavala

Lonavala also provides great opportunities for adventure sports activities like Bungee jumping or rappelling down steep cliffs into deep ravines. There are numerous hotels available here as well as restaurants serving delicious food from all over India so you can never run out of things to do here!

Visit the Bhaja Caves

One of India’s most famous Buddhist caves, the Bhaja Caves, have been carved out from huge hilltops near Lonavala. These caves are one of the best places to visit in Lonavala and are about 2,300 years old, and they were built when Buddhism was on the decline in India. The best time to visit these caves is from October to March, when you will be able to see many varieties of migratory birds here. These rock-cut caves were created during the second century BC by Buddhist monks. Today, these caves are protected monuments, and they play an essential role in understanding the development of Buddhism at that time.

Lonavala Lake

The historic Lonavala Lake has attracted visitors for decades with its clear and clean water and spectacular views. It is surrounded by lush greenery all around and provides a great opportunity for an early morning or evening stroll under the serene surroundings. This lake is located just outside Lonavala city amidst a backdrop of green hills. It is said that this lake was built by Bhil tribes centuries ago with the help of ropes and baskets made from bark to be able to carry water up from below through sheer cliffs. They also constructed steps down to the lake so they could easily refill their vessels each time they returned back up. This walkway eventually fell into disuse, but it has been restored now so people can go around its edge. This lake is surrounded by many hills and also provides great views of the valley below. You can even take a boat ride on this lake. The best time to visit Lonavala Lake is during winter, when you will be able to see plenty of mist rising from its waters due to colder climatic conditions.

Take in the view of the hill station from atop Tiger Hill
Lonavala is located on the way to Matheran hill station, and thus, Tiger Hill offers a view of one of the most scenic places in Maharashtra. You can have a panoramic view of the Matheran hill station from this vantage point. It is said that a Maratha king sat on a rock here and watched his daughter play with her ball on the top of the mountain far away. So if you wish to see another gorgeous place from atop an adjoining hill, Tiger Hill is certainly worth checking out!

Pawna Dam

This dam is located a couple of kilometers from Lonavala and it is an ideal picnic spot, surrounded by lush greenery. This huge structure was built in the 1970s across Pawna River to meet the water demands of the nearby city. It provides a beautiful view from its top when you can see hills on both sides and large expanses of water in between. It is not very difficult to walk up to the top of this dam and explore its vicinity because it has a lot of trees on either side. There are a few small shrines located within the precincts of this structure as well that you can visit if you want some peace and time by yourself.
The Pawna Lake is also a great place to sit and watch the sunset with your loved one.

Rajmachi Point

Situated very close to Lonavala, Rajmachi Point provides a panoramic view of the plains below as well as Kasara Ghat mountain ranges on the horizon. It has been named after Shahaji Bhosale who used to call this place as Rajmachi or King’s Friend. The best time to visit this point is from the month of December right up until February when you can enjoy a nice and cool hill station environment and also some fresh, crisp winter air.

Kune Waterfall

The Kune Waterfall is a famous water attraction near Lonavala, and it is also the name of the village nearby. There is an option to walk through this small forest trail which offers amazing views but remember to be careful as you go around these steep cliffs, especially if you want to capture picturesque scenes on your camera! Kune Waterfall is situated approximately 12 km away from Lonavala. The waterfall cascades into a pool surrounded by lush greenery and stone steps that lead down to the water. According to local legends, a great snake named Kuna lived at this place who would bless anyone who came here with all their wishes being fulfilled.


You won’t be disappointed. The town of Lonavala is the perfect place to relax and unwind, but it has an energy that will keep you on your toes with its many natural attractions like waterfalls, wildlife sanctuaries, beautiful hiking trails, and more. Whether you want to explore or simply enjoy a scenic day at home by reading in front of one of the many open windows overlooking the hillsides outside your house – this destination offers something for everyone!


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