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Top Requirements to Develop an Android App for Real-Estate Business


There is so much competition everywhere, so, in the real estate market. A few years back, if someone wanted to buy a home, office, plot, flat or anything regarding real estate, used to search appropriate property in newspapers and magazines. Or they used to contact friends, neighbours, relatives and agents by investing a lot of time.

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Nowadays people are handy with mobile apps and like to use them instead of using any other method, so it is good to develop a mobile app which can help your real estate business. For being always ahead from your competitors, you need to find out different business strategies. As the real estate industry is growing, there are multiple real estate app development companies are providing with their best solutions which can help your business in a profound way.

A report suggests that 50%of buyers found their homes through the internet, while 28 % found them through their real estate agent (Source)

Top Needs to Develop an Android app for a Real Estate Business

We have discussed the motive behind developing an application for the Real estate business. Real-Estate business is one of the fastest-growing industries in today’s time and the requirement of real estate mobile apps are somewhere increasing with each passing day. Witnessing the demand, most app development companies are coming up with certain ideas and planning that are proven beneficial for most of the real-estate business people.

Here we will understand what are the requirements behind developing a real estate script for real estate business. Before getting late, let’s get started.


This feature in a real estate app allows you to find properties nearby you. Real estate companies target their audience on the basis of location. It uses your GPS location and shows you the properties which are nearby your current location. Or else you can search for your desired location using this feature.


Add all the images and video related to the properties, which gives a basic idea to the buyer about the property which s/he is going to buy. It will help the buyer to understand more about your new projects. Also, It will add value to your promotional agenda and may also increase your marketing opportunities.

Virtual tour

The virtual tour demonstrates the project or property in 3D view. It gives an actual picture of the property to the buyers. This technology can benefit a lot to a real estate business as well as a buyer to understand the perspective. Without going anywhere the buyer can have the idea about the property.

Push Notifications

As a reminder send an email, message or Whatsapp messages to the customers to engage them with new offers, new projects etc, by getting permission from customers. It keeps your customers attentive about the offers, events and new projects. Also through push notifications

Real Estate Calculator

With the help of this feature, customers get to know according to the income how much loan s/he could and what will be the procedure? How much interest do they need to pay? What would be the down payment? Comparison among other loans. And estimate the payment options.


Help them with your previous project and how successful they were. It will help to build trust between you and the buyer. Add your client’s testimonial in your app so that it would help to understand the new buyers.


In this digital world, it would be good for us if we go with trending technology because you don’t want to fall behind your competitors. Now real estate app development companies are developing applications for real estate business that is an excellent idea. You can also hire a real estate app developer and can give your business a height. Choosing the best app developer is a must in while developing a real estate mobile app, you must know about all the possible outcomes while keeping the latest trends in the mind.

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