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Top iOS Apps That Let You Sleep And Fight Insomnia


Many people across the globe are facing chronic sleep issues and it can be challenging. No one likes to wake up groggy due to poor sleep. Apart from the physical damage, it causes mental issues too. Things can get better for the people if proper app solutions are available in the market with things revolving around smartphones today. With a large number of iOS app users across the globe, an iPhone app development company with excellent skills and talent can develop such an app and help the app users overcome their issues.

Top iOS Apps That Let You Sleep And Fight Insomnia

To start with, here are some of the top iOS apps for insomnia and sleep issues that you can plan to download and use.


Sleepio is an app that helps to resolve the issues related to insomnia through an evidence-based program. The program has been designed to help users have deep sleep for a longer time with lesser interruptions within their sleep cycles.

Price: The app is free to use and comes with an in-app version with added features.

Relax Melodies

Relax Melodies is another application that can help you tackle the issues related to insomnia. It helps you achieve this by using more than 100 binaural beats, relaxation sounds, soothing melodies, and white noise. The app also comes with meditations that are guided and easy to use.

Price: The app comes with a free version that offers basic features. You can opt for in-app purchases to expand the limits of your app.


Pzizz makes use of sound sequences which can help you resolve the issues of insomnia by improving your sleep. This way you can fall asleep and sleep well while feeling rested when you wake up.

Price: The app is available for free to download and you can opt for in-app purchases too.

Sleep Genius

Sleep Genius was developed with the intention to help the astronauts at NASA fall asleep. The app has been designed by including a number of sounds which will direct the brain to have a good sleep by leading it through the sleep cycle. This will help the user have a better sleep faster and will even wake him or her up at the right time.

Price: You need to spend $4.99 to use the app while its competitive features make the spending worthy.

Sleep Time

You can track your sleep cycles through the personalized sleep analysis provided by Sleep Time. In order to help you sleep it comes with light soundscapes and uses a sleep phase alarm clock to gently wake you up so that you will be refreshed when awake. The sleep analysis feature lets you have a detailed analysis of your sleep pattern within every sleep session.

Price: The free version of the app is available for iOS users and they can go for in-app purchases for added features.


How about having an app that can help you fall asleep through guided meditation? This is exactly what Inscape does for you. The app makes use of soothing sounds, progressive relaxation techniques and atmospheric music to help you relax and fall asleep. The app comes with different focus areas and you can choose yours if you have issues to get proper sleep due to insomnia, there are sessions within the app to help you out. Through these sessions you can focus on the issues that you face on a day-to-day basis.

Price: You can use the app for free while in-app purchases are available to acquire more features and functionalities.

Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle is one of those apps which help you monitor your sleep patterns, offer you daily sleep graphs, and detailed statistics which can help you get a better understanding of things if you have bad nights. It can also help you know the hindrance in your way to achieve a good night’s sleep. Moreover, the app even comes with an intelligent alarm clock which will slowly wake you up from the sleep once you hit the later sleep phase.

Price: The app is free to use and comes with in-app purchases for added features.

There are other apps too like Relax & Sleep Well, Digipill, Noisli, etc. which you can even use for the purpose. Again, if you plan to build one from the business perspective, you need to hire iOS app developers who are right for the job.

Final thoughts

Insomnia and irregular sleep patterns can lead to different health issues and can cause stress too. Currently there are different apps available in the market for iOS users which can be used against such conditions so as to lead a normal and better life. So whether you wish to track your sleep cycle or carry out meditation, there is an app for everything. So start today, use the app and see the difference for yourself.

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