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Top Benefits Of Having A Serviced Office


A serviced office is a rented place that includes both space and services in the package. It means using a place like your own private office with access to all services. It is a ready-to-use office space on flexible terms and conditions. These offices are generally located in a building that is managed by an operator who rents out single room or whole floor to clients to use as their office space with services.

Top Benefits Of Having A Serviced Office

In recent times, this idea of hiring a serviced office has increased a lot and people have started to prioritize this type of flexible commercial property instead of conventional office space. Conventional offices come up with stress of long lease agreements and hidden costs. Whereas, serviced offices provide you flexibility to scale up or down as per requirement and offers so many other wonderful benefits too. Due to increase in global shift around the world every business is looking for more nimble ways of procuring space for their offices even for remote teams.

Here Is The List Of Benefits That Serviced Office Offers In Comparison To Conventional Office Space

Short Term Lease Agreements

Unlike conventional office spaces, serviced office come with short-term lease agreements. It is not a good idea to lock yourself in long-term contract at an early stage of business. To avoid such stressful situations, its best to go for serviced office with short-term agreements either half-yearly, quarterly or even monthly. It will give you the flexibility to scale up or down at your will or you can even switch to a virtual office to reduce all your overhead expenses in a dramatic way.

Provides All Facilities To Run A Business

Mostly, all serviced offices come with basic set of facilities such as reception area, kitchen, lunch area, meeting room, cleaning and maintenance services. You can use all the facilities 24/7, giving you the flexibility to run your business any time. There are managers to help you out with the issue. There are additional services and facilities also that you can benefit from on basis of pay-as-you-use rule. There is no stress of hidden costs, as monthly rent includes all charges.

Ready To Move-In

While moving in to a conventional office, you need to set up everything on your own which takes up your bulk of time. However, serviced office provides you fully-staffed, full-furnished and pre-cabled office space. You don’t need to fit anything, everything that you need in an office space comes pre-installed, you can just come in and start working. This drastically reduces your downtime that you can utilize for other productive business work.

Exceptional Location

Having a conventional office on lease in a prime location of city turns out to be very expensive. In earlier days, the only way to establish your presence in key business areas was to pay steeply for conventional offices, but now with the increase in popularity of serviced office this has become quite easy even for a new-start-ups business owner to grow their business in prime locations, as you pay only for what you use. This provides access to famous business centres around the world.

Outsourced Staff With Impressive Facilities

Serviced office comes with staff that is outsourced to provide you support with reception work, technical work and maintenance work. They are there to assist you with anything you need. This greatly manages your staffing costs and relaxes your budget. Also, these offices come with additional facilities that you can choose to use as you pay. You can have access to small or big meeting rooms and conference halls with fitted audio-visual tools for your high-end client meetings.

All these benefits make serviced office very tempting to hire, but before you finalize anything make sure to have a bigger picture in your mind. From a long-term point of view, this will no doubt turn out to be better and affordable option as compared to conventional office space.

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