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Top 9 Features of iOS 13 That You Should Know


iOS 13 has many excellent features. We have scoured through the operating system to find the best features in iOS 13. The present focus here is how exactly these features will make improvements in your life each time they get used. There are plenty of reasons to upgrade to iOS 13, and some features may require you to update it if you weren’t planning on doing it. iOS app development company has been hiring iOS developers to develop more exciting features iOS 13. In this blog, we are going to share the 9 top features of iOS 13.

Top 9 Features of iOS 13 That You Should Know

Alarm setting suggestions for weekends

Siri can suggest switching from your usual daily alarm routine when there is a holiday the next day. It will switch off the alarm on holidays and then change it back again on weekdays. In certain situations, in which a person forgets to turn the alarm off when going for sleep at weekends or misremembering to turn it back on in the next day when he/she has to go for work, this feature will prevent these kinds of uncertain scenarios.

Using Siri through Spotlight search

Siri and Spotlight has become a lot more useful with a tiny change in iOS 13. iOS 13 swaps the input from voice to text, and it is an excellent enhancement for accessibility. There have always been three options when a user utilizes a Home screen to look for something and search through the results.

  • Search the Web
  • Search the App Store
  • Search the Maps

They take the inquiry and open it in the similar apps, which allows Spotlight to not only explore your files and apps on your device but transfer it out to different areas. Apple added another option in the list in iOS 13, which you can take advantage of Ask Siri in Spotlight for typing queries, running Shortcuts, utilizing text replacements, and typing command to Siri through text message. This feature will be an option under Search the App Store and Search the web.

Deleting apps

Are you having lots of apps that you don’t use, and would prefer to uninstall it instead of updating it? iOS 13 allows a user to swipe left on an application that isn’t updated and uninstall it from their phone.

Multiple language support for various apps

In iOS 13, you can set the language preferences for each of your apps. For example, you can choose the task application to display the German language and calendar app in the English language. Although not every app will be compatible with this feature.

Sharing your contact photo

A user can control which name or photo they can use for their contact information in iOS 13.

Offline Dictation

In case you lose internet connectivity, iOS 13 enables users to continue sharing their notes or other items. Although the offline feature is not compatible with Siri, but you can continue with dictation without needing an internet connection.

Saving all the bookmark tabs

iOS 13 comes with a feature to bookmark the websites that a user is currently browsing in the internet. A feature like this is useful for those who browse many websites at the same time. They can save it to view it later.

Maintain good battery health

In iOS 13, you can see the time at which your phone will completely charge. It doesn’t show hours, or percentage, anymore when your phone gets plugged in the charger. Android had this feature for quite a long time, and it was finally a high time for iOS to implement this feature too.

iOS 13 also focuses on the health of the battery. It observes a user’s charging routine and will charge to about 80% at night. It will stay at 80% even when connected to a charger. During the morning, the iPhone will finish the charging by 8 am, when you ready to take it off and get on with your day.

Automatic ETA sharing from Maps

User can add their friend to their favorites, and iOS 13 will give them an ETA automatically once they start moving to their location. Their friend won’t have to ask how far the user is right now, and he/she will be able to concentrate on reaching there.

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