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Top 7 Tips To Improve Your Local SEO Right Now!


Small businesses have to target their audience a little differently. The major difference between the marketing strategies of big and small businesses is local SEO.

Top 7 Tips To Improve Your Local SEO Right Now

If you want to attract more local customers, investing your time in local SEO is imperative. You need to improve your rankings in the search results of your region. The approach is also called local search engine optimization. The task is easier said than done. It demands a lot of hard work, patience, and consistency. You should always set realistic and achievable goals.

Let us look at the top 8 local SEO tips used by the best of local business owners.

1. Add Your Business On Local Listing Sites

Local business listings are like the first stepping stones for small businesses in the digital realm. Adding your business in a reliable listing directory makes sense even when you don’t have a website. All you need to do is find some reliable directories known for your business niche and add your business details.

The best thing about local directories is that most of them are free. Some of the most reliable names are Google My Business, Yelp, Facebook, Foursquare, and Bing Places. Make your account and add accurate business details to get connected with local customers.

2. Work On “About Us” Page

“About Us” page of your business website is very important when it comes to local SEO. If your business operates in more than one place, add a different page for each location. Provide the complete details of your business, the working hours, and Google Maps links on each page.

3. Create Content Based On Local Stories

If you want to attract regional customers, it is important to connect to them at different levels. Having a sales pitch on every platform can intimidate customers. Create content that connects with the customers at personal levels. Remember that customers are people and people connect with stories. Create content based on local events and stories.

4. Optimize Your Websites For Different Devices

A smart business person understands that technology is ever-changing and works hard to adjust to the changes. Mobile phones and tablets may not be the latest technology but a lot of websites are still not optimized to work best on mobile devices.

If yours is one of them, it is time to make the changes. It is no secret that a majority of people are using mobiles for search. Get ahead with responsive designs in case you don’t want to miss opportunities.

5. Pay Attention To Voice Searches

Voice search is the future of internet search. It will grow rapidly thus it is vital to optimizing your websites according to the voice search. The content should be modified or updated regularly. Search engines index the websites that are most relevant to the users. Make your websites more useful by considering their needs.

6. Focus On Local Keywords

Use keyword planning tools to hone in the local keywords. Building your content around the most relevant keywords is one of the most reliable methods of appearing in local searched. You can use various online tools to find local keywords.

7. Request Reviews From Your Customers

When you add your business on free business listing website, pay attention to the review sections. Ask your customers to leave their reviews on these websites. The reviews not only improve your local SEO but encourage other users to hire you.

More than 85% of the customer’s trust reviews as they were recommendations. Provide incentives like discounts and loyalty programs to your customers who review your business.

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