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Top 7 Home Maintenance Tips in 2020


A house is probably the biggest investment that you ever did, that is why you must protect it against various threats. General maintenance is required from time to time. A good maintenance schedule can reduce excessive repair or remodeling costs. You should also keep the record of all the maintenance activities for future references and warranties. A well-maintained house is always ready for liquidation if needed and attracts the best customers as well. Hiring good companies for repair work is quite challenging as well. Keep a good list of general maintenance services for immediate concerns. The best roofing companies can be hired on very short notice for a roof repair.

Top 7 Home Maintenance Tips in 2020

1#. Schedule the roof maintenance

As you are very well aware of the importance of regular repairing activities. A roof’s stability ensures the safety of your long term investment. The type of maintenance depends on the type of roof you have installed. If you have shingles, then you may have to replace damaged shingles. The flat roof experience a different type of damage as compared to others, the same goes for the metal roofs as well. So, hire a suitable company for repairs.

2#. Get the gutters cleaned up

Gutter cleaning is a part of roof maintenance and structure care. Since they are exposed to the harsh environment in a similar way as a roof, it is important to take care of them as well. The gutters are responsible to remove rainwater from the roof. A leak in the gutter can be troublesome, this is why you should consider installing a seamless gutter. Regardless of the type of gutter, regular cleaning is required and if you can’t do it yourself, then hire someone to do it.

3#. Trim the trees

Poorly maintained trees can cause serious damage to the structure. If you have planted a wild tree to decorate your garden and close to the walls, then you probably get ready for big trouble in the future. As the tree grows up the roots can start damaging the foundations and you will not even be aware of it till the end. The branches can damage the roof and walls. So, schedule a frequent trimming for better structural stability.

4#. Get rid of mold

Mold can be real troublesome once it starts growing. The excessive humidity in the environment is mostly responsible for that. The dark and shady places are it’s favorite. Many people ignore its presence and give it a chance to expand its reach. This is a very wrong approach because once mold settles down it becomes almost impossible to get rid of it. Eventually, you need to hire mold removing services to do it.

5#. Inspect your piping network

Good plumbing is mandatory to avoid leaks in your home. It not only causes irreparable damage to the structure but also wastes a huge quantity of water per annum. There are several methods to identify a leaking situation. For example, an underground leak can cause wet patches on the wall, or paint chipping, mold, etc. You may also notice an unusual increase in your water bills. So, when you see any of these problems don’t waste time and get it fixed.

6#. Use pressure wash for porch

A porch is the face of your home that welcomes everyone visiting you. Everyone desires a shiny porch, to do that you need to move out of your comfort zone and do it yourself. It is not a difficult task and the pressure washer manual can help you to use it like a pro. If you don’t have a washer, then borrow it from a friend. You can also use the washer to clean your roof.

7#. Replace the broken tiles

So far you have touched about all types of general maintenance that can increase the life of your home. A floor with tiles is a wonderful selection but you need to take care of broken tiles. You probably won’t be able to do it yourself so it is better to hire someone to do it for you. If you can’t repair it immediately, then isolate the area with broken tiles to protect your kids and pets.

A house without proper maintenance can become a haunted house just after few years of remodeling. If you want to maintain an everlasting look of a home, then you better get ready to conduct frequent maintenance activities.


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