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Top 5 Things Your New Baby is Going to Need


As the day of the arrival of your newborn approaches, and the excitement and anxiety kicks in, you’d be looking at your checklist a hundred times over, just to make sure you’ve got all that you need for yourself and your brand-new bub. Apart from the essentials that you’d be taking to the hospital, here’s a list of very important things you’d have ready as you welcome your tiny bundle of joy.

Top 5 Things Your New Baby is Going to Need


Clothing is always the first thing you’d put up on your list. The new born stage is where your little one is going to need loads of changes in a day, owing to pee, poo, and post feeds. Many may advice you otherwise because they think babies are just going to sleep through the day. It may be true, but that doesn’t mean you don’t change her.

On the contrary, you’ll be changing her more often than you’d thought! That’s why it’s important to get enough high-quality baby clothing – sleep suits, onesies, and a couple of other types along with caps, mittens and some socks. It can be a hassle trying to do the shopping post-delivery. Instead, you may want to have them sorted and ready in advance.


Sleep is what your new born is going to need in plenty. That’s why you need to have all the bedding stuff ready, too. The bedding items often come in beautiful sets, but can be bought as individual pieces, too, according to your requirement. You may want to have a good quality baby comforter, or two, along with quilts and blankets.

Whatever you get, you may want to opt for very light colours and simple designs. However, the most important aspect of it is comfort, so make sure all your bedding stuff is no less than the best in terms of comfort and quality.


Baths, washes, and grooming starts from as early as day 1 of your little one’s life. It can be a little tricky shopping for these items, as you may be a little nervous about using them on your baby’s super gentle skin. All baby skin care products today are usually 100% safe.

However, if you feel extra anxious about what to get, you could always ask around, do some research, or get some advice from professionals. It’s important to have these items ready, because, as mentioned previously, it can be tough doing any shopping for a while once your bub has arrived.

Feeding Essentials

Even though you are determined and confident about breastfeeding your baby, it’s always advisable to be prepared with feeding alternatives. Formula and nutrient supplements can be bought whenever they become necessary, however, you may want to have a bottle or two, and other feeding essentials that you may think you’d need.

Basic Gear and Furniture

There are a couple of basic baby gear that you’d want to have in your house in advance. A crib is always number one. Apart from that, a carrier, a car seat, and a stroller may be incredibly useful as soon as your baby is born.

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