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Top 3 Features of Secure Trailer Drop Yards Parking


Secure trailer drop yards are the places where the owners keep their trucks and other vehicles for a duration of a few hours to days. They have an allotted place in the yard where they park their vehicle. These places provide security 24/7 with the help of security staff that is always present on the site. They also keep all the records of check in and check out of the vehicles. They let you know through fax or email that your vehicle has been dispatched. Generally, they have electric gates that cannot be entered without a code.

Top 3 Features of Secure Trailer Drop Yards Parking

What is a secure trailer or drop yard parking?

Drop yard or secure trailer drop yards are built very strategically near the airports and on borders or near the railway station. They provide the services where a truck remains until the time being the owner wants on payment. Further, a place is allotted for secure trailer parking and it is under the total protection and surveillance of service providers. They provide enough space so that you can turn and park your truck, shuttle service till your hotel. All the things including the equipment along with the truck are recorded when they enter the premises. They possess a break room with satellite and Wi-Fi to keep an eye on ongoing activities.

Top 3 features of secure trailer drop yards parking

Rates and assigned places: Secure trailer drop yards provide parking for truck and have trailer parking lots. They also provide daily, weekly and monthly parking rates whichever suits you best. There is no chaos because they already have assigned places. You can also park your assigned vehicles in the assigned spaces. They have secure truck terminals and ensure safe and secure trailer parking.

Overnight parking and access: They value your safety therefore secure trailer drop yards provide overnight parking under full surveillance. It is also very convenient as there are no barriers to entering and accessing your trucks. You are allowed to take truck 24/7 and also there are security guards 24/7 to take care of the parked vehicles.

Other prominent features: They provide commercial fleet parking for secure trailer parking and other parking requirements. The biggest advantage is that the secure trailer drop yards provide you with single and multiple spaces both. You can choose the one based on your necessity and availability.


In addition to secure trailer parking, you can various other options such as private places in the yard for commercial purpose. You can get a chance for about 100 truck and trailer parking. They provide heavy equipment storage along with bus storage facilities. Even one can get their own private offices to deal with their goods and vehicles. In such cases, you are eligible to pay monthly rent for the place.

Both the people with private ownership and general ownership can enter the premises whenever they want and discharge their goods and vehicle as per requirement. All-Freight is the right place to settle all these issues in the perfect manner with their reliable service.

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