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Top 10 Best Yoga Retreats in Spain


Over the years, the sunny Spain has developed into a premier yoga destination. With a number of amazing yoga retreats and classes conducted by the top teachers, there is a perfect yoga retreat for every need.

“I have seen dawn and sunset on moors and windy hills coming in solemn beauty like slow old tunes of Spain.” – John Edward Masefield

One of the sunniest countries in Europe, Spain is a gorgeous vacation destination. Popular for its lively cities, balmy beaches, magnificent mountains and warm people, this country draws people from all over the world. It is a vivid amalgamation of various cultural influences, which gives the Spanish culture its vibrant, colorful, fun loving and yet exotic feel. Over the recent years, Spain has got itself yet another feather in its cap, and that is being one of the top and most premier yoga destinations of Europe as well as the world. Here are some of the best yoga retreats in Spain you can choose from, for your next retreat vacation.

Top 10 Best Yoga Retreats in Spain

1. Yoga Sutra Shala Retreat Centre

Tucked away in the lap of the breathtaking mountains, Yoga Sutra Shala Retreat Centre is located hidden away from the world, in the Spanish countryside of Valencia. It is a stunning retreat, which is surrounded by nature. You can enjoy enthralling views of the mountains from every room of this retreat and the entire aura of this place is utterly relaxing. They offer a number of amazing yoga sessions, which are conducted by the best yoga teachers around. What is unique is their holistic approach towards yoga as they combine Eastern and Western understandings. You can attend sessions on asanas, pranayama, meditation and philosophy.

2. Azulfit Surya Retreat

Azulfit Surya Retreat is situated in the breathtaking Canary Island, offering gorgeous 360-degree views of the stunning blue ocean vistas, striking volcanoes and the soothing nature all around. Depending on the number of participants, living choices and budgets, guests are offered a number of choices of rooms in the beautiful Canarian style living quarters, which has a traditional internal open courtyard, Jacuzzi, pool and loungers, al fresco lounge, gardens and free Wi-Fi. This award winning retreat offers excellent yoga, meditation and pilates classes, conducted by the best instructors and teachers.

3. Yogascapes Magical Mallorca Yoga Retreat

Nestled in the foothills of the Tramuntana Mountains, Yogascapes Magical Mallorca Yoga Retreat is located on the charming island of Mallorca off the Catalan coast. Only 20 minutes away from the airport, this retreat is only 15 minutes away from the beach. They conduct enriching yoga sessions and classes, which focus not only on building core strength, but also on spiritual growth and personal development. They also offer excellent teacher training courses for professional yoga instructors who are looking for an advanced degree. Guests can enjoy exploring around the idyllic little towns and extensive beauties of nature of this island.

4. Eco Oasis Retreat

Situated in the midst of serene green nature and with breathtaking views of the mountains, Eco Oasis Retreat is located in Cómpeta, Málaga. It is perfect for those who want to enjoy their experience in complete tranquility and yet not very far away from civilization so that they can also visit the popular tourist spots. It is surrounded by lush groves of olive and almond, situated in a 4000-hectare wildlife reserve. It is only around 15-20 km away from the most popular beaches of the area. They offer exciting programs comprising of not only yoga and meditation, but also fun tours, excursions.

5. Molino del Rey

Molino del Rey is an absolutely breathtaking and unique yoga retreat, which has pristine caves on its property where participants learn and practice yoga, as well as meditate in peace. Internationally rated as one of the top retreats of the country, it is located in the Sierra de las Nieves nature reserve of Andalucía. They offer sessions on yoga, meditation, mindfulness, detox, weight loss, holistic healing, self-development courses, as well as excellent spa treatments. This retreat is absolutely grand with every room designed in a stunning traditional design.

6. DePura Ibiza Retreat

Perched on the mountains of Ibiza, DePura Ibiza Retreat is housed in the Mara Villa. With breathtaking panoramic views of mountains, blue ocean, lush forests, right from your room, the retreat is the ideal opportunity to just let go and enjoy the moments? They have a number of guided yoga programs which are based on several styles such as Kripalu, Kriya, Sivananda, Mysore, Nidra, Power, Restorative, Laughter and more. Guests can also enjoy other holistic facilities such as meditation, detox, massage treatments, Reiki healing as well as excellent hiking trails in the mountains.

7. Formentera Yoga Retreat

Formentera Yoga Retreat focuses on building a community and promoting self-growth of every individual as a group by encouraging one another and thus, their programs are built around creating bonds. Guests are accommodated in a chic beachfront eco accommodation in Formentera, which is only a 30-minute boat ride away from Ibiza. At this award winning retreat, participants can enjoy their extensive yoga and holistic treatment programs, which include Yin Yoga, Dynamic Yoga, Rolfing, meditation and massage. They also offer several surfing classes and workshops as well as sessions of yoga on balanced surfboards on water, which help in improving balance and enhancing strength, control and focus.

8. Huzur Vadisi Yoga Retreat

A part of a multinational chain of excellent retreats, HuzurVadisi Yoga Retreat Spain is located in the dramatic dry mountains of Almeria, which is contrasted by the dazzling sea, about half an hour away. It is a beautiful green oasis, surrounded by arid mountains, offering absolutely breathtaking views. Guests can be housed in one of the many stunning accommodations they offer. They offer excellent yoga, meditation and health programs, which are conducted by some of the top instructors and teachers of the world. Guests can also enjoy exploring the area and its neighborhood villages for an authentic local experience.

9. Kaliyoga Alpujarras Ashram, Spain

Kjaliyoga Alpujarras Ashram is a branch of the highly acclaimed Kaliyoga, which conducts some of the top yoga programs and retreats across Europe. Nestled in the Alpujarras Mountains, in Granada, this establishment offers a blend of traditional rustic vibes along with the best modern amenities. The most unique accommodation they have is adorable little teepees where guests can enjoy complete solitude in the lap of nature. They offer two yoga classes per day, which aim to build a stronger connection of the body and the mind, to build a consciousness and understanding. They also offer healing holistic treatments and restorative massages.

10. Sunfood Yoga Rejuvenation Retreat

Nestled in the Alpujarra Mountains of Orgiva, Granada, Sunfood Yoga Rejuvenation Retreat offers a rejuvenating retreat experience away from the crowds of the city. They offer classes on various styles of yoga for participants who are skilled in different skill levels. You can enjoy yoga, meditation and holistic massages as well as excursions to olive groves, waterfalls and beaches. The yoga sessions are held with an accompaniment of peaceful music and mantras, surrounded by the tranquility of 500 year old olive trees. Their unique feature, which draws many students, is their raw food and superfood workshop, where the participants can learn how to eat clean and healthy.

Thus, to come to a conclusion, when it comes to yoga retreats in Spain…

Spain is an amazing choice of destination for your retreat. With the amazing options, locations, facilities and more, that the huge range of Spanish yoga retreats have on offer, you will be absolutely spoilt for choice. Whether you want to enjoy a fulfilling and tranquil retreat vacation altogether, or want to include a short stay at a yoga retreat, as a part of your trip, you simply have to pick the best-suited one for you.


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