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Top 10 ASO Strategies to Promote the Game App


In the digital-savvy world, applications on Android as well as on Apple have increased drastically. There are around millions of apps available on both the platforms to thrill the smartphone users. If you are a gaming developer then this post is a must read for you. As you keep scrolling down, you will know about the tricks to boost ASO in game app efficiently.

Top 10 ASO Strategies to Promote the Game App

Be it any application developer, the main aim happens to be good marketing of the app to reach out to a wider audience. Well, ASO (App Store Optimization) is nothing but making good strategies in order to increase the visibility of applications for multifarious stores. This in turn enables boosting the traffic and also enhances the conversion rates to have whooping organic downloads of your app. There are main factors that you must know about: metadata, it plays an important role in skyrocketing the app downloads.

10 Best ASO strategies to market your gaming application:

The higher the downloads of your game app, the higher will be revenues that you will earn through that. Many people will download your app and they will eventually do the word of mouth marketing too. Mobile game app development market is flourishing at the speed of light and this has led to different methods to increase the application downloads so that a huge number of people will play your game.

1. It is essential to select the relevant keywords for your game app:

The most important part is to perform research on the keywords according to the gaming application you have developed. In this regard, it is quite necessary to use the ASO tool which will further give you insight about the list of keywords as per the traffic factor. You will be able to find the long list of different keywords, right from short to long keywords on the basis of game apps. You must fix on the mixture of keywords which are long in length as well as short.

2. Title must be quite catchy:

The title plays a vital role when it comes to app store optimization tricks to market your application. You must choose a quite attractive title in order to attract users to your game app. It further leads to taking your app to higher ranks faster in no time. Another important part is to add a good keyword also in your app title that will enhance visibility. Moreover, you must make research about giving the title to your game app as per the platform too, Android or Apple.

3. You should give weightage to game app description also:

A game application’s description works wonders just like your front page of the website which users see very first. This also has a crucial role to play when it comes to ASO expert strategies for taking your game app to the next level on both the platforms, Android and Apple. Once a prospective user has reached that level in the play store or Apple’s app store then the next thing is to convince him to download the app. The good and impressive description will do the work here.

4. Choose the relevant category for your game application:

Another important factor to keep in mind after creating a game application is to put it in the relevant category on both the play store and Apple’s app store. This will help in getting your app to reach out to a wider audience as and when users search for the application. Moreover, if there are chances that the app must be placed in 2 or 3 categories then you can surely go ahead with it. The higher the game app visibility, the higher it will reach out to the right audiences and they can download.

5. Size of your game app will also matter a lot:

Whenever it comes to downloading part of the game app, people generally opt for using those apps that get downloaded at the drop of a hat. There is a prescribed size limit for both the platforms respectively, play store and Apple’s app store. You must keep in mind that your app’s size doesn’t go over that limit otherwise users get frustrated to wait long for the application to download. The lesser the total size of the game app, the faster it is to download in a fraction of seconds.

6. You must plan to attract users through thrilling videos:

Another important factor that plays an important role in increasing your app’s visibility is the fact that gripping videos must be added to entice the users. In the case of a game application, the videos are best to explain to users about how to play the particular game easily. The exciting videos also keep a user engaged for some time which in turn enhances the conversion rate for increasing the number of downloads of your game app.

7. Good ratings of your game application are also effective to improve marketing:

When it comes to taking your game app to the next level, good and positive reviews is one of the vital factors to consider. You must plan to encourage some of the users you know, to drop a review for your game application. Getting awesome reviews for your game application will also help you to increase your app’s visibility on the app stores in no time. This will eventually enable you to multiple the game app downloads faster. This is one of the best ASO expert strategies to follow.

8. It is important to place the keywords appropriately to gain good visibility:

When it comes to boosting the game application on different platforms, you must know about how to place the keywords quite appropriately to gain the user’s attention. The game app name is one of the places after description, where good keywords must be selected to add. It will attract the customers or users in the blink of an eye. Furthermore, appropriate keywords use in the right places is a great marketing tool for app store optimization.

9. Game application icon will also be quite effective for marketing purpose:

In order to get the attention of many game lovers, you must also plan to choose a classy and stunning icon for your game app. Just like the title, it should go in sync with the description too and it will play an important role to get good visibility of your game app on different platforms. Design and content both must be attractive and it will easily grab the eyeballs of users pretty damn quick in a fraction of seconds. You should also avoid making use of any content on the icon because it will be hard to read for users as the icon is already smaller in size.

10. You must also plan to add good quality screenshots to make the game app easy to understand for users:

Another essential part that the users will be attracted to, is the classy screenshots that you will add on your game application. Gaming aficionados usually spend quite less time understanding the functionality of a game app so that they can start off with playing. So, it is crucial to put the most appropriate and attractive screenshot to gain the user’s attention at the drop of a hat. Moreover, users are very fast attracted to the design so make use of a good color combo in this case.

Final Words:

So, the aforementioned are some of the top-rated app store optimization tricks that are best practice to follow for gaining customer’s attention towards your game app. These strategies will enable you to get the immense visibility of your alluring game app on the app store and play store. It is important to follow these techniques in the best way and it will take your game app to the next level with an increasing number of downloads faster.

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