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Tips to Bear in Mind When Sourcing from China


How do you find manufacturers in China when you are an outsider to the country? True, you need to travel several steps to build a perfect product supply chain. So, let’s begin by scouting for manufacturers in China.

Tips to Bear in Mind When Sourcing from China

1. Use the Right Online Platforms to Source the Perfect Supplier

When you begin your online search for the ideal supplier, of course, you will use Google, Yahoo or Bing. These are great for Chinese products like toys or clothes. To widen your search, you might also get on to Alibaba or Global Sources through which you can connect to Chinese suppliers.

The resultant shortlist that you draw up will largely comprise resellers more than manufacturers. These resellers may be helpful if you are looking for a link in inexpensive electronics or apparel, but what if you’re looking for something like plastic injection moulding, or diecasts?

For that, you would need to spot a manufacturer from who you can source directly. Besides, this will also reduce your costs.

2. Identify Your Best Manufacturing Partner

Spend at least a month to spot the best manufacturing partner. Next, spend a little more time on the manufacturing process and selecting designs, etc. Since all Chinese manufacturers will seem like the best at this stage, you should now dispassionately create a list of about eight to 10 suppliers who you can get in touch with directly.

This list will give you the confidence you need to develop business ties and negotiate with these manufacturers. Of course, you can also hire a sourcing agent to get you the right suppliers, but you can also do this yourself.

You can source Chinese Manufacturing Companies by taking the help of Alibaba.com and participating in the Canton Fair. This prestigious export-import fair connects buyers and exporters with Chinese manufacturers. This is a huge opportunity to meet as many manufacturers as possible in one spot.

3. Let Your Network Know the Kind of Manufacturer You Are Looking For

If you let your network know the kind of manufacturer you are trying to source, they might be able to put you in touch with someone they know. By openly asking for help and advice, you can receive the required help quickly.

4. Visit Factories that Manufacture Your Products

Rather than making assumptions about products, it pays to make a visit and check out as many factories as possible. You will understand how the Chinese work, you will see the products they make and you can speak to your prospective suppliers one-on-one. This makes Sourcing China Manufacturers that much easier.

5. Can You Handle the Minimum Order Required?

The Chinese will ask for huge volumes, so be very sure you can handle the minimum order they require. Take everything into account when negotiating costs, or you’ll be stuck with inferior products that have no place in the Chinese market.

6. Conduct Due Diligence

As with all new business ties, you should spend as much time as required to perform the required due diligence before launching yourself into agreements and making huge investments of time and money.

7. Study the Quotes You Receive

The above tips will lead you to receive a good number of quotes to choose from. Once you set yourself up in production and make the product according to plan, you will achieve the success you seek.


While these few tips, those who are inexperienced in sourcing goods and services from China, can actually learn the ropes. And, with time, you only get better.


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