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Tips on Saving Money for Indian Students While Studying in the USA


Most Indian students aspire to study in the USA. It’s a dream for many to have a USA-affiliated university degree. Colleges in the USA offer global recognition.

Most colleges are among the top ten colleges in the world. From arts to science and commerce, you can choose a course that will add to your academic record and help you pursue your career goal.

Tips on Saving Money for Indian Students While Studying in the USA

American colleges offer a diverse range of subjects to choose from, you have a wide range available. Are you one of those who want to study in the USA?

Or, you have already secured a seat via an online application. It’s time you think about the next step.

That said, the financial aspect of your education is not restricted only to the educational remittance you make. As a student, you’ll have to think of many options to save money.

Tips on saving money for Indian students while studying in the USA

1. Apply for scholarships

If your academic record is great, you need to make sure you take advantage of the scholarship programs offered by the colleges in the USA. Being a good student and with good grades, you can apply to any college for the scholarship program.

Most universities in the USA offer scholarships, but can have different terms to make them available. It also depends on the grades and the country the student is from.

If you want to avail of a scholarship, you must be well informed about the various terms and conditions.

Besides colleges, you can approach many third parties for scholarship programs. You need to reach out to them with all your documents and reasons for availing of the scholarships. In the process, you may also get a student discount.

2. Avail students discounts

Talking about student discounts, you’ll get to avail these discounts everywhere. From flight tickets to movies, you can ask for a student discount wherever you go.

While staying in the USA, ask for a student discount when you visit a special theme park. Almost every theme park will provide a discount that will help to save some bucks.

If you love to vibe with music, many musical concerts are held in the USA. When you book your ticket for these concerts, you can ask for a discount.

But, you will have to provide your ID card and proof that you are a student to avail of these discounts from the organizers of the concert. Know how much discount is applicable here.

3. Signup for meal plans

You can save some more money by signing up for special meal plans that are available for students who study in the USA. Most colleges and universities offer these meal plans.

You can select a plan you want according to your budget. The customized meal plan options let you decide based on your choice of food. You can opt for one meal or two meals.

With a higher budget, you’ll be able to choose a three-meal plan option. The food that is provided by the university or college is nutritional, so you don’t have to worry bout that.

If you opt for a meal plan, you’ll eat less outside. It is good for your health, and it will keep you fit. If you can cook, you also have the option of cooking at home. It will help to save your money.

4. Get student healthcare discount

There are good discounts on student health care available in most colleges and universities in the USA . In addition, you don’t have to pay much to get a discount on health insurance.

If you need medicine, you can get a discount at a pharmacy store in the USA by availing of these discounts. Most universities also offer medicines on the college premises.

Before you need any medicine, you can check for it in the college pharmacy if there is one. You will get to save a lot of money by opting for health care policies. Do check and compare before you get one for yourself.

5. Discount deals on banks

If you want to live an independent life in the USA, you’ll want to open a bank account. Students open an account to stay safe and can use the money while studying in the USA.

Before you approach any bank in the USA, ask for a student discount. Again, many banks specially offer a discount for students on account opening.

But for this, you will also have to consider the eligibility. Banks have certain conditions for discounts on accounts. If you are eligible, you will get to choose from an account and save on added costs.

6. Telling parents to remit money using online forex services

You will have to transfer money to a college in the USA as your college fees. Well, it is quite common for students and their parents to feel the complications regarding how to send money from India to the USA.

Now it is easier with the online remittance options available. Banks and forex websites offer the convenience of online transfer. You can transfer money via wire transfer and demand drafts. The best part is; it will take 12-48 hours if you choose the wire transfers option.

Apart from college fees, if you don’t intend to earn whilst studying in a university in the USA, you will need to ask for money from your parents.

Now, transferring money to a foreign bank will become a headache for your parents if you need it constantly. What you can do is, tell them about online forex platforms available.

With online forex websites, your parents will be able to transfer money via a wire transfer facility. Your parents don’t have to visit a bank, they can remit money in your account from the comfort of their home. And, you will receive the delivery in no time.

7. Buy second-hand things

Most students sell off their books after the semester is over. Book refunding is also an option, but students prefer to sell instead. Here is when you can take advantage of the situation.

You can simply go to a book store and buy second handbooks. This will save you a lot of money. Most books are available in a new condition or refurbished for reuse.

You can save money by purchasing second-hand furniture for your rented apartment. You will be able to get a good deal by buying second-hand stuff. You also have an option of online stores in the USA for second-hand stuff.

Final Verdict

You can save money while studying in the USA through many ways. You need to look for opportunities that provide you with good discounts and deals.

You can also get discounts during special occasions like Christmas. Buy yourself a good laptop during the black Friday sale and save money. Now, you know about many options, use them to your advantage.

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