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Things to Keep in Mind While Choose Domain Name


The domain name is not just the address of your website, but the online identity of your business. Every month many business owners are bringing their business online, but very few business owners also make their business successful online. All those successful businesses have common things are that they have choose the domain of their website very carefully.

Things to Keep in Mind While Choose Domain Name

Their domain name is easy to remember and pronounce and perfectly describe brand name business services.

In this post, you’ll cover 5 common things that you bear in mind while choose domain name for your website.

5 Things to Consider While Choosing Domain Name

It is very easy to start online business, but the hard part of is that to make successful. Most of the people don’t know domain name is one of the parts of success and they made mistake to choose domain name, then feel regret later.

• Domain Name Should Short and Easy to Remember

There are lots of websites that are successful, but only a few websites are popular, and all those popular websites domain names are short and easy to remember and pronounce. Those website domain names are less than 10 characters in length.

• Choose Only that Domain Name that Reflate Your Business Service

When someone read your domain name at that time, they can easily understand which service you are offering in this site.
Make sure domain name should be creative and unique; it means it’s not similar to any other register domain name.

• Choose Domain Extension

Right now in the market top-level domain extension is more popular, after that gTLD (Generic level top domain) like .info, .web, .site and many more are quite popular extension, and at last ccTLD domain extension is popular for local search engine.
Always choose .com domain extensions, because .com extension is popular, therefore, whenever you share your domain name with your customers, they will think your website is on .com extension so after your domain name they will enter .com extension.
Although, if you are choose domain for your local business then you should choose ccTLD domain like .in extension, because ccTLD domain extensions are perform better than TLD domain in local search engines.

• Check Social Media Handel Availability

As I said, domain name is the part of success of any business like that social media handles are also important for growing and building any business online. On social media platform, you can interact with your customer, start conversion with them and your customers will follow your brand for latest offer for more discount.

• Make Sure Your Domain Name is Mobile-Friendly

Now 53% of the traffic on the Internet is coming from mobile devices, see the data in the below screenshot.

As you can see, these numbers are increasing very fast. This means that you have to think of a domain name that is short, which makes the full name appear on the mobile screen.

Best Domain Name Finder Tool

  • NameMesh
  • Lean Domain Search
  • DomainWheel

Top 3 Place to Register for Domain Name

On the internet, we have plenty of website for domain registration but these three are trusted and most popular source.

• GoDaddy

Godaddy is trusted and most popular domain registration website in its space. You can purchase domain from Godaddy at $10 to $15.

• NameCheap

Namecheap is the best alternative of Godaddy. After Godaddy, NameCheap is the best and trusted place for domain registration. You will get domain cheaper than Godaddy.

• SiteGround

Siteground is known as world’s number #1 hosting solution provider company. But they also offer domain registration service too. I mention Siteground in this list, because of this company is trusted company in hosting and domain industry. By using Siteground Coupon, you will get 63% discount.


Domain name is an online identity of your business, so before register domain for your business do dome research on it, and find that type of domain that reflects your services.

Take a little time in domain selection that you don’t have to regret going forward.

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