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The Perks of Being an HGV Driver


It is a common misconception that the role of a lorry driver is that of a tiring, monotonous one. However, that couldn’t possibly be further from the truth due to the vast array of advantages that can only be attained via lorry driving: Freedom of workspace; multiple travel options; working your own hours and an abundance more! With a multitude of official Driver CPC Training courses available, accompanied by the below catalogue of lorry driving advantages, it’d be near-on impossible to think negatively towards the role of a HGV driver.

The Perks of Being an HGV Driver

Work Your Own Hours

If you become an independent HGV driver, the decision of where to work and when to work is completely up to you. Not only does this allow you to work at your favourite times, but you can also be flexible and work your hours around your social life. Working hours that restrict your freedom of seeing your loved ones and doing what you love can be really detrimental and tiring, so the opportunity to be your own boss here is idyllic. Also, if different parts of your family are located across the country, the choosing of your own workplace makes them easily accessible.


If one was to assume the role of an HGV driver merely consisted of driving around the same roads repeatedly then one would be very wrong indeed. Being an HGV driver boasts more variety than most would ever think of. Journeys can range from local ‘delivery-only’ trips to expeditions across the whole country – and it doesn’t stop there! Many lorry drivers go ‘tramping’ across Europe, which entails driving across the entire continent for a long period of time. Imagine seeing the best sights of Europe all whilst in the comfort of your own lorry! As well as this, a never-ending list of companies require lorry drivers to carry out a vast array of tasks for them, providing you with a large variety of things to occupy yourself with.

Job Security

There are too many careers out there that can’t guarantee you won’t soon be surplus to requirements and be moved on. It is for this reason that the role of an HGV driver is very appealing; your role will always be secure! Due to the demanding nature of the haulage industry, the need for employees will always remain no matter how further advanced technology becomes. Quality drivers will always remain in demand as there will never be a shortage of work and opportunities – only a shortage of employees! The haulage industry recognises the shortage of drivers and is pressured to hire the best drivers to tackle the abundance of work.

Anyone Can!

There are too many jobs out there that require applicants to have attained a plethora of qualifications, henceforth already pressuring the applicants before they’ve even got the role. The beauty of becoming an HGV driver is that no matter who you are, your background or your qualifications, you are fully entitled to get the job. The only thing you will need is a standard driving license to undergo an instructional course and a certain number of hours of practical driving time.

Job Satisfaction

Due to the fact that many things rely heavily on the use of lorries and lorry transportation, the country could go into a meltdown if lorries and lorry drivers became no more. If you think about how many different essentials get transported daily by HGV’s, it is only then when you realise the height of importance held by HVS’s. Because of this, lorry drivers can take great pride in what they are doing on a daily basis. Doing what you love is one of the most important lessons to learn in life and if lorry driving makes you realise this then that js even better!

Freedom of Workspace

Ever wanted a job where you can blast your music through your speakers as much as you want? Ever wanted a job where you aren’t bothered by other people when you’re not expecting it? Well, if that’s the case then this could be the perfect job for you. When you’re in a lorry, there is nobody watching over what you’re doing apart from yourself. Hours and hours alone provide you with an abundance of time to think about whatever you want to whenever you want to. It really is a job that gives you complete freedom, which can’t be said about many other careers out there.

High Earning Potential

Last but not least, driving an HGV provides you with a very respectable income, so if you are looking for a truck driver opportunity, you should consider CDL Driver Jobs. Everyone knows it’s not all about money, but the proposition of being able to do what you want when you want and be paid for it is very attractive indeed. If you’re an independent driver, your wage will roughly be around £30,000 a year. Alternatively, if you are employed then you could obtain an even larger sum as companies can provide you with bonuses for driving safely and arriving on time.

Hopefully these few points have assisted in changing your mindset on lorry driving. The vast majority of people see lorry driving as a simple, tedious role. Evidently, that couldn’t be further from the truth.


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