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The Only Thing You Need to Know About Guest Blog Titles


The writing industry is flourishing, and you would be lying if you say that you have never considered blogging at some point in your life. Not only does it allow you the freedom to express your opinions but also makes the information available to the readers in an interesting way.

The Only Thing You Need to Know About Guest Blog Titles

But for this to happen, your content should be extremely engaging, and the audience should connect with what you are saying. For this purpose, not only should you make your writing visually appealing, but the titles should be captivating enough to make the readers click on it without a second thought.

Therefore, to make your life easier, assignment help online has compiled a list of tips to enhance your blogging style and to make your content instantly popular in the social media market.

First of all, you need to understand how to find the perfect sites for guest posting.

Now when bloggers announce guest posts, multiple writers jump to the opportunity to showcase their skills and come up with creative titles. You need to stand apart from those and work on a unique idea.

Current affairs, fashion industry, science and tech and are all fields that contain thousands of topics for research content so how should you ensure that your work grabs the attention of the readers?

1. Check the engagement of the blogger on social media and research the kind of audience you are interacting with. It is important to know about the background of people who are going to read your article, and if you pick a topic that does not align with their interests, then chances are that the views and popularity on your post would be quite low.

2. Ensure that your blog is marketed well on social media before releasing because that would aid to the curiosity of the readers and create a hype for the post before getting featured.

3. While the engagement of the audience is necessary, you should also concentrate on your interests. Guest posts cannot attract the attention if your content is not well-written. So, choose an industry that you have sufficient knowledge about or one that aligns with your hobbies as personal accounts make writing intriguing and relatable.

Why are Guest Post Titles Important?

As mentioned above, the competition for guest posts is huge as every writer wants to get featured on their favourite blog. Therefore, you need to ensure that the blogger covering the topics finds your title unique. There are many ways of making mainstream topics attention-grabbing and creating a distinct title is one of them. If the blogger loves the title, then half of your job is already done.

Ensure that you use a unique approach instead of going for the generics title that many people scroll through daily. The audience is tired of reading the same sentences and content for too long, so the ways you employ to make your writing more attractive to the readers is a test of your skills.

Guest posts are a good opportunity to familiarise yourself with the world of writing, and if your post gets good reviews and huge engagement, then the demand for your writing would also increase.

The chances of the blogger choosing you will be high if they are aware of your interaction with their writing. Maximise social media sharing of their blogs, so they already have an idea about your interests. Write reviews to increase the marketing, so when the time of guest post arrives, you have already established a name in their good books.

So here are some tips on how you can make your title stand out:

1. Attract the Attention of the Blogger

Before you move to the interest of the readers, it is important that the person selecting your guest post titles likes the topic. Follow them diligently to find out about their interests and hobbies, so when you design a title, it instantly grabs their attention.

If you follow their social media, chances are that you would get to know a lot about their daily routines and activities and including such details in the title might impress them enough to give you the guest post.

2. Audience

Now, this is obvious. When you follow a blogger, you are technically also following the audience they attract. For the guest post, you need to pick a topic that matches with the theme that has already been established by the blogger.

Check what posts receive maximum engagement and how the writers try to appeal to the audience’s interest. Also, keep a check on the dos and don’ts by looking at the posts on the same blog, so you get an idea about the techniques you need to employ while writing your content.

For instance, if you are writing about science and tech, you should be aware of the level of experience your audience has on the topic. Do not use complicated words to make an impression. Instead, simplify the knowledge to increase the readability so the readers can learn something new.

Broaden Your Spectrum

Keeping an eye on the outside market of blogs is also important. Research on the recent trends and keep up to date with the industry. This will help you in understanding the mindset of the audience.

Avoid mainstream topics like “tips to improve your writing style”. Instead, take risks with new research and add those to the titles to make them captivating. Every writer has a speciality, find out what’s yours and use it to make the content unique in the discipline you are interested in.

Check the Feedback

Comments section would prove to be your biggest help while editing your content. Check the titles that have previously left a mark among the audience. Usually, the feedback section is filled with marketing links but filter through them to identify the real comments where the audience notifies the blogger about the performance of the content.

Consider those points and try to incorporate rational suggestions in your writing as well. If a guest post has received high engagement previously, try to rewrite it with updated facts and knowledge, and this might spark up the interests of the readers again.


You cannot write effectively if your knowledge is limited. For achieving exceptional writing skills, you should always read blogs and articles related to your interests and hobbies. Through this, you would be able to understand the style of other writers and analyse what attracts your attention.

Using the skills that make your favourite assignment writer unique will assist in establishing your style as well. Do not copy their formats but employ techniques for inspiration to find your own style in the future. Highlight what you consider a well-structured sentence and try to incorporate such tools in your content as well.

Use Tools

When you have your topic sorted out, you need to conclude the title in such a way that the reader is instantly drawn to click on it. Online title generators are available that provide sentences that have previously increased the engagement of the readers.

So, try to use those and make your work interesting. Use pictures and distinct fonts to attract the attention on your guest post. This is a one-time opportunity, so you have to make the most out of it.

Make Your Author Bio Interesting

What intrigues the audience more than the guest post is the author who has written it. If your work is an instant hit, people might head over to the bio section and see the background of the writer.

Furthermore, even bloggers might find your requests interesting and see if you are suitable enough for the job. Therefore, it is important to write a bio that is appealing and engaging.

Make it more personalised by including jokes, links to your writing, personal quotes or your inspirations. Sometimes, people find mutual links between them and the writers and read it for the sake of building a connection.

If you utilise all these tips to make the most impressive guest post title, no one will be able to stop you from getting featured on your favourite blog. Just make sure you always know what, how, and who you are writing for and decide the title accordingly.

Topics that begin with “How to..”, and “10 Tips on..” usually attract the attention of audiences because it is direct and instantly reveals the nature of your post. However, do not be afraid to experiment with titles by including catchy phrases and click-bait names.

The titles you choose should be relevant to your post too because if you just use an attention-grabbing title, but your content is not good, then the credibility of you as a writer might decrease.

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