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The Marvels of Western Australia – Top 7 Things to See


West Australia covers nearly one-third of this beautiful country, and if you’re planning a road trip around Australia, there are some breathtaking places in this area you shouldn’t miss. So whether you’re traveling on bike or looking forward to exploring the beautiful landscapes of Western Australia on foot, here are the top 7 activities you should add to your bucket list before going on your next adventure.

The Marvels of Western Australia - Top 7 Things to See

Choosing your next destination can be challenging. Still, wherever you decide to go, it’s worth noting you’ll for sure have a good time and explore some of the most beautiful corners of the Land Down Under.

Gaze at the sunset on Cable Beach

There’s nothing better than watching the sunset over the ocean while enjoying the warm breeze on one of the most beautiful beaches in Australia. Known for its turquoise waters and sun-kissed sand shores, Cable Beach is a perfect place where you can enjoy the outdoors and make new memories.

If you want to gaze at spectacular Indian Ocean sunsets while sipping on your favorite cocktail, this is the perfect place for you. August is the busiest month for tourism in Cable Beach, but you should visit in June or July if you need more privacy.

Find Margeret River’s best surfing spots

Margaret River is an excellent holiday resort for those who love to surf. This river is home to over 130 beaches, and although some are secluded and turned into private areas, most beaches are open to tourists and locals.

Margaret River is probably one of the best surfing locations in the world. If you want to learn the basics of surfing or elevate your surfing skills, it would be best to visit this breathtaking tourist spot during the Australian summer months.

Cruise through the Horizontal Falls

If you want to turn your next trip into an experience you’ll never forget, you should rent a boat and cruise through the Horizontal Falls. Every day, when the tide turns, the water flows in the opposite direction, which is one of the many reasons you should book your next tour and explore the beauty of these tidal waterfalls. In addition, you’ll get the opportunity to try fresh seafood and stand in awe of the Kimberly coast.

Keep in mind that tours usually depart from Broome. What’s more, if you want to get the most out of your next trip, it would be best to visit the Horizontal Falls early in the dry season.

Go Swim at Elephant Rocks

William Bay National Park is well known for Elephant Rocks, one of the most visited beaches in Australia. The beach features spectacular granite rock formations that resemble a herd of elephants dipping their toes in the sea.

Swimming in this area allows you to enjoy the pleasant water temperature while looking at the mesmerizing scenery surrounding the park. The water is colder than expected, but Elephant Rocks is a family-friendly destination that will keep you and your children occupied for hours.

Enjoy a car-free holiday at Rottnest Island

Do you want to take a break from driving? If so, Rottnest Island is the next destination you need to visit if you’re roaming around Western Australia. This small island in Australia is home to Australian sea lions, quokkas and fur seals, and it’s an ideal tourist attraction for those who want to escape city lights and return to nature.

Of course, you will need to rent a boat or pay for a ferry ride to get to Rottnest Island, but once you get there, you’ll be surrounded by turquoise waters and greenery you’ll never find anywhere else. In addition, this is a perfect spot for those who want to go on a cycling holiday, as there are many trails near the shore. October is the best month to travel to Rottnest Island, as the weather is perfect and the seas are calm during this time of the year.

Explore the Bremer Bay Canyon

There are many reasons to visit Bremer Bay. Believe it or not, this is one of the few locations where tourists can spot the largest congregation of orcas in the world. Joining Bremer Bay orca tours can be a thrilling experience for those who are mesmerized by sea creatures and deep blue waters.

If you want to spot the largest members of the dolphin family, it would be best to explore the Bremer Bay Canyon between January and April. Bremer Bay is also a suitable swimming and sifting spot, so be sure to put a few bathing suits in your backpack before you leave home.

Stand among the Valley of the Giants

If you’re a nature lover, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to visit the Valley of the Giants. There you’ll find the tallest tree in Western Australia and explore the magic of the ancient national forests. Some trees are over 400 years old, and you can admire them from a long distance or go on more adventurous walks through the woods. Keep in mind that you will have to cross bridges, so maybe this is the perfect time to face your fear of heights.


Traveling across Western Australia is a truly unique experience. You’ll meet new people and explore various places that will make you want to extend your trip and stay in this beautiful paradise for a little longer. Still, it’s advisable to prepare for your trip in advance and decide where you want to go before going on a vacation. That way, you’ll manage to create a perfect schedule and visit as many places as possible. But, it’s worth noting there are many other locations you should visit, especially if you have time and resources for your next adventure.

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