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The Best Gift For Every 90s Enthusiast


If you were a kid or a teenager during the 1990s, or remember this decade fondly because you completed an important milestone in your life (i.e. getting married, graduating from college), you likely have some nostalgic pieces from this time. There are several collector’s items you can purchase from the 90s that will bring back great memories and you can share these items with friends or family as well.

The Best Gift For Every 90s Enthusiast

Here are some of the best gifts to give a 90s enthusiast.

A 90s Toy Chest

Give your friend or loved one a treasure chest filled with toys from the 1990s. Add a Walkman or the CD player version of the Walkman, along with a few Troll dolls and friendship bracelets. You can also find a vendor that will sell M.A.S.K. toys and other action figures that were popular in the 90s like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This gift will likely take the gift recipient back to simpler times. Some of these items can also be resold to other 90s fanatics for a significant profit.

A 90s Photo Shoot

It’s time to break out your Caboodles makeup case (if you still have one), roll on a few layers of body glitter, and put on a pair of overalls that are at least three times your size. Plan a 90s-themed photoshoot for your friend to commemorate a special occasion like a milestone birthday, the birth of a new baby, or a career accomplishment. You can even look at some pictures your loved one took in the 1990s and use them as inspiration for poses. Of course, if you’re in any of these pictures, you can join in the fun as well. Turn on your favorite music from the decade during the photoshoot to make the experience even more enjoyable.

A 90s Candy Box (and Movie Night)

If your friend or relative misses classic candy from the 1990s, put together a box of treats to make a special occasion even more memorable. Add Gummi bears or worms to the box, as well as Astro Pop and Bubble Tap. You may also want to add some Ouch! gum, along with Warheads and Tearjerkers. This combination of sour and sweet candies is a thoughtful gesture since many of these candies are difficult to find these days. You can also throw in a few snacks that were popular in the 90s like Combos, Fruit by the Foot, and Yoo-hoo to make the gift more impressive.

Many of the movies we enjoyed in the 90s can be viewed online or your loved one can watch the movie on DVD (if they still have a DVD player). Include a 90s movie that fits your friend’s taste to add to the gift so they’ll have something fun to watch while they enjoy their treats. Movies like 10 Things I Hate About You, Rush Hour, and My Best Friend’s Wedding debuted during this decade, so you’re sure to find something your friend or family member will love.

A 90s Karaoke Party or Concert

If your loved one’s idea of a gift involves spending time with friends and family, organize a 90s-themed karaoke night. Everyone has to sing songs from the decade and you can make the event more fun by dressing in 90s clothing. Include 90s snacks such as Twizzlers or Bagel Bites at the party as well. Chances are party guests who haven’t had these foods in a while and will appreciate the great memories associated with these childhood favorites.

If you hear that a popular group or artist from the 1990s is putting on a concert in or near your town, purchase tickets so you and your loved one can go together. You may even be able to get a picture with the artist(s) so you’ll always remember this special occasion.

Coming of age in the 90s is an experience that can’t be duplicated. However, you can give gifts that are inspired by the decade so you and the people you love the most can relive parts of your childhood, teenage years, or early adulthood. Giving a gift that reminds your friend or family member how special the 90s were can be thoughtful and heartwarming, and there are sure to be a lot of laughs associated with the gifts as well.

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