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The 5 Staging Keys to Selling Your Home This Winter


Most people are accustomed to selling their house during the summer when the sun is bright, and the air is fresh. If you’re selling your home during the winter, however, try these home-staging tricks to make it feel as warm and bright as possible.

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Let In the Light

Winter months aren’t just cold; they can also be dark. Without the bright summer sun, you’ll have to work a little harder to light up your home. Open all the drapes and blinds and turn on all the lights — including those in bathrooms and closets. Holiday decor can add light and ambiance to any room, too. Just make sure to remove decorations immediately after the holidays are over.

You can also consider changing your lighting, especially if your bulbs run on the warm end of the spectrum. You don’t have to go blue either, though. Something between a 5000K-6500K Kelvin rating produces a wonderful white without going blue.

Since your lighting is going to be under the microscope, clean up your lighting fixtures, chandeliers, windows, and lampshades. More light means more scrutiny, as well.

Make It Shine

According to The Staging Team—a company that practices home staging in Katy, TX—to further enhance the lighting effects, make sure that everything sparkles. Polish chrome, stainless steel, and glass. Dust even the hard-to-reach places, and wipe down surfaces, inside and out. Consider cleaning dingy grout and recaulking bathroom fixtures if necessary.

If you have white, painted surfaces, you should highly consider repainting them if you haven’t already. White paint creates that clean, bright look that can really propel or ruin an atmosphere. Don’t underestimate how white paint can make or break a first impression!

Remove Some of Your Furniture

Most everyone accrues a lot of furniture over the years, and you should highly consider cutting down on the amount of furniture you have in the house. Square footage and a sense of space is extremely important to most home buyers, and you don’t want your home to feel more cramped than it really is.

You can rent a storage unit and place about half of your furniture there during showings. You don’t want the home completely empty either, though, or it will be harder for people to visualize how it will look with their stuff. Strike a delicate balance of minimalism while retaining utility.

Create a Warm Atmosphere

You want the home you’re selling to feel warm. Aside from turning up the temperature before buyers enter your home, create a warm scene with a strategically-placed throw on your sofa. Add a teacup and book on a side table, or place a tray with a flower at the end of your bed. Hang an evergreen wreath on the front door, and place vases around your home.

These small touches can really add to the comfort level of home buyers. These items can help the audience connect with the property and envision their daily lives in it. Don’t discount the small details!

Provide Warm Snacks

Warm potential buyers who have just come in from the cold by offering warm tea, cider, or hot chocolate. Consider fresh-baked cookies, too. While some people use the trick of warming vanilla in the oven to make their house smell good, potential buyers may be disappointed if there isn’t a hot treat waiting for them just around the corner. Choose finger foods that are not messy. Aside from that, avoid scents that can trigger sensitivities or allergies.

Don’t Forget Curb Appeal

A light blanket of snow can certainly look romantic, but winter weather can also create hazards. Keep up with shoveling or snow-blowing. Remember that a footprint in the snow can easily turn to ice. Take care of your driveaway as well as any walking paths in the front and back yards. Clean gutters let potential buyers know that there aren’t any backups. If you don’t have snow, remove leaf debris and trim any plants. Finally, a fresh coat of paint can liven up your front door.

Follow these staging tips to help make that sale before spring arrives. You may not have as many home shoppers in the winter, so you absolutely don’t want to squander your opportunities by not being prepared.


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