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Studio Apartment Layout Ideas That Will Make Your Space Look Big


Studio apartments may be small but it doesn’t mean you need to content yourself with a tiny and cramped studio unit. With the help of an excellent drafting expert, you can create a studio layout that will make your studio apartment look roomier. Here are some layout ideas you can explore to have a studio unit that looks and feels spacious.

Studio Apartment Layout Ideas That Will Make Your Space Look Big

Loft style

Converting a studio apartment layout into a loft is one of the most popular ideas and with good reason. When you convert your studio unit into a loft, you can have your sleeping area in the loft, so you have more space for your living room and kitchen/dining area on the ground floor. A bed is a bulky piece of furniture, so when your layout takes the bed out of the equation, you have a lot of free space to work with. However, this layout idea will only work if your studio unit has a high ceiling.

What’s fantastic about this option is that you have many choices for the type of loft you can choose. If your home’s ceiling is high enough, you can ask your draftsman to design a full loft to have a complete bedroom. If the studio unit cannot support a full loft, ask your draftsman to design an elevated bed area. You can also utilise the area beneath the loft for various uses, like turning it into a home office or using it as your living area so you can have ample open space in the middle of your studio.

Functional studio layout

One thing that consumes space in a studio is trying to have separate spaces for the sleeping area and the living area. You can solve this issue by designing a functional space that combines both areas. A more practical approach is a space that functions as a living area in the daytime and converts into a sleeping area during the night.

The fastest way to achieve this effect is by getting a bed that converts into a sofa. You can also work with a draftsman to design a wall where you can store a pull-down bed if the idea of reconfiguring your sofa doesn’t appeal to you. Your draftsman can guide you on which side of the studio you can install your pull-down bed because it needs a sturdy wall to support the weight of the bed.

Integrated storage options

A cluttered studio will look even smaller than it is, so it is crucial to maintain a tidy studio if you want to give an impression of your dream space. You can minimise clutter with the help of integrated storage options like hanging shelves or hanging cabinets. What’s great about designing a studio with hanging storage options is that it frees the space below for your other furniture. Another option is to design a bed with integrated storage options below the mattress so you can make the most out of your limited space.

Speaking of furniture, if you want to create an illusion of space, go for low or short-legged furniture. These kinds of furniture can help make your studio look bigger because they don’t break your line of sight.

Utilise light

Light plays a critical role in making a space look big so ask your drafting expert to help you get as much light into your studio as possible. You can do this by designing your studio with large windows to draw in light. With large windows, you can also go for a layout wherein all the furniture and appliances are against the walls. This layout will leave the centre of your studio unit free and create an illusion of space. Another option is to ensure that your studio has a skylight that will let in natural light to make your studio look brighter and roomier.

Final words

Studio units are small, but they don’t have to stay that way. You can work with building designers to find ways of creating a layout that allows you to maximise space and make your studio look brighter. If you want to learn about other home improvement ideas to make your home more functional, be sure to follow our blog.

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